Need help with audio/video connection nightmare...

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by zak, May 12, 2005.

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    Please help me with my setup.

    All of my audio connections (Satellite, DVD player and VCR) currently run directly into my Yamaha Receiver, these are all RCA interconnects.

    All video connections (Satellite, DVD player and VCR) currently run directly into my Sony TV, these include component, S-Video and composite RCA.

    With my current setup all of my hardware including the TV are within 2 meters of each other so I had purchased very expensive 1 or 2 meter Monster cables for all audio and video connections.
    Back when I was buying these Monster cables the price jump from a shorter to longer cable was quite substantial so I went with the shortest cables that would reach.

    I have now purchased a Pioneer Elite component rack with the Glass front, this unit is huge and only looks right when it’s located in the corner of my bonus room.

    The audio connections are no problem as all components will be in the same component rack but what do I do with video connections to my TV???

    The TV is now approximately 8 feet from the component rack so none of my expensive Monster cables will reach…

    Can I run one long cable from Yamaha's Monitor out to my TV?
    What options do I have?

  2. Ted Lee

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    yep, i think that would be the easiest solution. the only issue with that is making sure you use the highest quality video connection you can to the receiver .. unless your receiver upconverts or something.

    otherwise, you may have to bite the bullet and ebay those old monster cables! [​IMG]
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    Zak, the only way you can get away with running only 1 video cable to your TV is if you use the same type of video output for all 3 components. And you say you're using 3 types.
  4. Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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    Some receivers will “upconvert” video signals – i.e., composite or S-video in, component video out from the receiver to the TV. If your receiver upconverts, all you need is a single set of component cables.

    If not, your only options are to buy all-new longer cables the right length, or get another set of short cables, and connect the two sets with RCA and S-video couplers.

    By the way, Zak, you might want to remove your equipment list from your signature before a moderator notices (see #6 at this link, Forum Rules and FAQ. What you can do is have the Forum create you an equipment list page here, then include the link in your signature.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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