My Sweet Sixteen....Has anyone seen this??

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by todd s, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. todd s

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    My daughter was watching MTV when this came on. Its a show about some wealthy kids and their extravagant parties. The parties are ridiculously over the top. But, what is horrible is seeing how absolutley spoiled, ungrateful and tasteless these kids are. I mean it was repulsive. I cannot imagine how these parents can't react without horror. One girl said she wanted a Mercedes for her 16th. And she gets whats she wants. Normally, I wouldn't tell people to watch. But, watch once and you too will be shocked.
  2. TravisR

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    I have a sick obsession with this show. It makes me wanna vomit every time I see it but every time I come across it, I watch it.

    It's a bunch of wannabe Paris Hiltons (which is an insane thing to aspire to be) trying to show how glamorous and rich they are. What's weird is that, depending on your point of view, you'll see these girls as monsters or you'll see them as people you'd want to be or be friends with. I wish MTV would be more judgmental and say "Don't act like these people. They're f---ed up." [​IMG]

    They need to let boxers or cage fighters see this show before a fight. It would work them up for the fight. Course they might become so angry and blood thirsty after seeing it that they might kill the other fighter.
  3. David Galindo

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    Yeah, its pretty a good way. My cousin really loves the show though, so when she had her sweet sixteen I taped it all and edited it with the title scenes and cuts like the show, and it turned out really nice. [​IMG]

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