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  1. ShellOilJunior

    Incoming: Stanley Kubrick Collection

    Announcement coming on Thursday morning. 4K? https://www.stanleykubrickcollection.com/password
  2. Reggie W

    The Shining on blu-ray: Revisiting the Overlook Hotel

    So, last night I watched The Shining again and this is one of those odd pictures that my relationship with and feelings about seem to change over time. I don't know if this happens to any of you but there are some films which as I see them again over the years my thoughts on them continue to...
  3. Josh Steinberg

    DVD Review Filmworker: Stanley Kubrick's Unsung Assistant DVD Review

    Josh Steinberg submitted a new blog post Filmworker: Stanley Kubrick's Unsung Assistant DVD Review Continue reading the Original Blog Post.