My Personal Top Unreleased amd Chances

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Frank Soyke, Feb 22, 2013.

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    1) Hawaiian Eye - Documented music clearance issues. Not likely happening. 2) Wonder Years - No explanation needed. Cold day in hell. 3) Batman - See #2 Above 4) Run For Your Life - I discussed this in a previous post. My all time favorite, but looks like a forgotten series that is destined to stay forgotten. 5) Richard Diamond - Only chance would be Timeless. It does have a marketable star to assist sales. Possible I guess. 6) Tightrope - As above, Timeless would probably be only chance on this one. Don't know though. I can't recall them releasing too many one season only shows. 7) T.H.E. Cat - Don't know much about the possibility of this ever coming out. I know I haven't seen it discussed too much on here. I'm not sure on ownership or possible clearance issues. I do know through collecting VHS and 35 mil stuff in the early 90's that prints are super rare and most of what is out there is crap. I would guess we won't see this one. 8) It's Your Move - With Jason Bateman more in the spotlight since Arrested Development, I think that if if was going to be released, it would have by now. Besides, I can't think of a one single season 80's sitcom that has been released. I'm guessing no on this one, 9) He & She - Ditto what I said about it's Your Move only this time with regard to 60's one season sitcoms. Other than the oddly chosen Good Morning World a few years back, I again am hard pressed to find another one season 60's sitcom that has been released. It's a shame too as this show is well written and has a great cast. I love Jack Cassidy I actually came out of this pretty pleased. There were some other series that I would like to see, but these are the only ones that I still consider must-haves for my collection. Anything else I really wanted has either come out or is in the process of being released. Not to beat a dead horse, but if I could add only Run For Your Life from this list to what I already have, I think I'd be ready to consider my collection complete
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    best of luck to you.I hope you get some more of your want list. You never know what might come out james

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