My New Year DVD Resolutions

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dave Scarpa, Dec 20, 2001.

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    David Scarpa
    My end of 2001 DVD Resolutions.

    1. I resolve to try to buy more releases Previously viewed

    While the coupon Market has died on the internet and new

    Shoppers boon has started. Previously Viewed Disks.

    Especially since video stores are Guaranteeing releases

    on the shelf, this mean more Used disks, much quicker.

    I've already seen Pearl Harbor atmy local BB, so these things are being rented for two weekends then they are reducing stock. They also had APES, and others. I've noticed the Francise BB have higher prices, but they also do the companies sales like the 2 for one. Independent BB, non franchise stores, don't do the sales, but they have lower prices. Also check local Flea Markets they too

    can have disks available. I'm finding that I can ususally wait a month or two if I can get the thing for 10 bucks.

    2. Stick to my Guns and Buy OAR !

    Support the studio providing both versions on one disk.

    MGM has gone from a studio that put out crap. To one of

    the leading studio in the course of this year. Their

    edition of "Legally Blonde" should be a template to how

    all studios should be releasing their films. LB offered both

    WS anamorphically enhanced version as well as P&S. Plus

    with a DVD-18 they were able to offer extras on the other side. They are repeating this succes with the upcoming MAD MAX and Buckaroo Banzai. Buy these disks. Consumers looking

    to Rent Legally Blonde did not have to concern themselves

    with Dual releases, or being stuck with given one choice.

    3. Rent More

    Goes along with my resolution of buying Previewed Disks

    There are alot more marginal disks that I have to come

    to the realization that I don't need them sitting on my

    Shelf. Past example would be "Boys Don't Cry" a great film

    but one I would not probably watch again, but bought because

    of a good deal (That was not that good.) This way I can save

    the $$$ for stuff like the TNG Box sets, and the stuff that

    will get rewatched often.

    Just 3 of my 2002 DVD resolutions.

    Now let's list some of yours.
  2. Oswald Pascual

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    Hey how about rent only if BB has it in OAR!
  3. DonRoeber

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    Feb 11, 2001
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    I've resolved to buy only one release per week. More to control quality than cost.

    We'll see how it works out.

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