My friend wants a 36"ish tube, looking for 16:9, need advice

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Keith Mickunas, Oct 24, 2003.

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    He's wanting to stay under $2k. He likes the Sony KV-36HS510 but it's 4:3. I'm trying to convince him he needs 16:9 and should go the extra mile. Currently he doesn't have any HD sources, but he will soon. He's also going to be playing DVDs and PS2 on it.

    So any recommendations on TV in this size range? He's limited a bit by the size of the cabinet he's putting it in, but he doesn't have the measurements with him right now. He's in a rush to buy today or tomorrow. Don't ask why, I don't know. I'm just trying to keep him from making an expensive mistake.

    Also, does anybody know of any comparisons on how a 34" 16:9 compares to a 36" 4:3. Or just anything that shows 4:3 sizes on a 16:9 display so he can see what he's getting.

    It does look he could go upwards of 43" on a RPTV if it's a tabletop model. The Toshiba 46H83 looks like it's a possibility, but I haven't found a pic without the stand yet. Anybody know how much of a body it has underneath it?
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    Where ever he buys, make sure it's someplace with a no questions asked return policy.

    I would recommend the Sony KF-42WE610 or the Samsung HLN437w, but they have an MSRP of $2800 and $3500 respectively. Depending on where you purchase, I'm sure you can get a lower price easily. While I personally have a Samsung, I hear the Sony LCD's aren't too bad either.

    Most 16x9 TV's have a zoom or strech feature to fill the screen with 4:3 material. Otherwise, there will be black or gray bars on the sides of the TV. With a Samsung DLP, you won't have to ever worry about burn-in if you choose to watch with the bars.

    Again, make sure he buys from somewhere that won't hassle him if he decides to return a unit.

    Good luck.
  3. Greg Black

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    A 36" 4:3 monitor can display roughly the same size 16:9 picture that a 34" 16:9 monitor can.

    Conversely, that 34" 16:9 will display a much smaller 4:3 picture.

    Unless your friend needs a large rear projection, I see no reason to go with a 16:9 monitor, especially if there is going to be alot of video games and television programming material diplayed on it.

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