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My experiences on El Paso´s Cinemark. (1 Viewer)


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Apr 1, 2002
I first heard of the Cinemark in 1998.
When there was a controversy regarding Invalid people (very, very, very sorry for the term :frowning: )
And these people had problems because there were no seats for this people.
So Cinemark remodeled the Screening Rooms.
I first got there on June of last year.
I was going to see Pearl Harbor and there were no tickets, so i decided to see Shrek.
I entered and the lobby was just plain amazing!.
Huge posters along with a big room and there was like an arcade and lots of stuff.
When i entered the SR, i was dissapointed. The SR was very little.
Though it didnt ruin my experience with Shrek (now one of my favorites) i kept asking myself: What was all the raving about?".
And the sound was in Dolby Digital, but it seems like if they didnt want to pucker up at least a bit the volume.
So i just kept going to the General Cinemas.
Months later, i was going to see Harry Potter.
We couldnt get any tickets, so we decided to grab the remaining ones to see Monsters Inc.
Now this time the room was very good. The Screen was huge, not to mention the sound which this time was DTS.
And it sounded awesome, bringing in every detail of such a dialouge driven film.
Last week i saw The Rookie, a very good, but somewhat powerless film. And the room was good, the DD sounded good (but i asked them if it was going to be on DTS, and they answered me that yes :confused:
I will sure be there to see Spider-Man or AOTC.
And i will keep going there, as long as there is tickets for the film i want to see,that is.


Second Unit
Jul 9, 2000
If you check out the Cinemark website, El Paso is on the "coming soon" list for an IMAX theater, I'm guessing it's going to be included when they build the one on the West Side. :emoji_thumbsup: On a side note, I just bought my first set of tickets online, pretty painless, and not a half bad idea.


Second Unit
Apr 1, 2002
I never heard from that. But it would certainly be cool to have one in El Paso.

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