My dad has a question re: recording from DVR to DVD

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Scott D S, Oct 20, 2009.

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    Scott Saslow
    Right now, my dad has a ton of programming stored on the DVR (whatever model provided by Comcast) and he would like to record some of the shows to tape or DVD.

    I've managed to hook up the VCR and I have successfully recorded shows to tape but I can only do it live - I haven't figured out a way to record and watch TV at the same time (if it's even possible).

    Now my dad has been asking me about buying a DVD recorder and I have a few questions:

    -I assume the connections are similar but would there be a way to record shows onto DVD and watch live TV at the same time?

    -How are recorded shows organized on a DVD-R? I won't be editing anything on the computer but I have no experience with DVD recording. Does the player create chapters for each show? My dad's a teacher and would like to be able to skip to certain shows in class.
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    The DVR only has one audio/video playback circuit. You have to play the program you want to record on on the VCR.

    DVD recorders connect in a similar fashion as a VCR. See my statement above about watching live TV. You can do some creative wiring and use the TV's internal tuner and watch live TV that way but I can't help you without knowing your specific equipment.

    At least on my DVD recorder, each recorded show is added to a menu. Chapters are added at specific time intervals. Other DVD recorders may be the same.
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    Depending on the model of Comcast DVR you have, and depending on what shows you are trying to move, the firewire port is also a good option - moving the video to a PC. It is also "live" as opposed to a file copy but the quality will be better.
    If he is going to be doing a lot of moving in the future, a media center PC would be a better option. The resulting recirded files can easily be moved around or burned to disc at will and copy protection will not be an issue.


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