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Sam R. Aucoin

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 5, 1999
Although my original list (and thread) was archived, I realized that over the past two years, many changes have occurred with new DVD releases, but at the same time, I have continued to collect LDs and retain some despite the release of the movies on DVD. I hope the following list of my current collection adequately explains why the LDs have remained part of my collection:

Updated 11/04/02

Although I got into the LD-game late (1999), I believe I have put together a very good collection. To those of you very familiar with LDs: which LDs would you add to the collection below:

2002 Addendum: Believe it or not, I am still adding to the LD collection. But, some recent releases necessitated an update of the 2000 list.

1. Some Like It Hot (CAV Boxset) - Criterion (although released on DVD, I do not believe all of the supplemental material made it to the DVD)

2. Star Wars Trilogy: SE (not on DVD; reference quality picture and sound)

3. Star Wars Trilogy: The Definitive Collection (not on DVD, and probably will never again be released; hardcover book and supplementary material)

4. Star Wars Trilogy: THX remastered individual titles (not on DVD, and probably will never be released again; a steal at $9.95 each)

5. Dances With Wolves: Director's Cut (not on DVD; over 3 hours, and has artwork and a book about the movie)

6. Wyatt Earp: Special Expanded Edition (even the regular version is not on DVD)

7. Amadeus: Special Edition Boxset (although the movie is on DVD, this LD set has supplementary material, a book, and a CD of Mozart music, none of which appears on the DVD)

8. Jaws - Signature Collector's Edition (although the anamorphic picture on the DVD clobbers the picture quality of ANY LD, this particular LD edition is the only one that has both the original mono soundtrack AND the complete documentary - the documentary on the DVD is edited; in addition this particular LD edition has a paperback book of the novel)

9. Lust for Life - only way to own this outstanding movie about Vincent Van Gogh, portrayed by Kirk Douglas

10. Ice Station Zebra - only way to own the movie considered the "best movie ever made" by billionaire Howard Hughes.

11. Schindler's List - Limited Edition (no release date for DVD announced yes; has quite a bit of supplementary material)

12. Schindler's List - DTS - considered by many sound purists to be one of the best DTS LDs every produced.

13. Disney's Mary Poppins - Exclusive Archive Collection (all of the supplemental material found on this LD presentation did NOT make it to the second release of this movie on DVD)

14. Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Exclusive Archive Collection (not on DVD and has supplementary material)

15. Disney's Alice in Wonderland - Exclusive Archive Collection Boxset (packed with supplementary material and artwork)

16. Disney's Sleeping Beauty Boxset (not on DVD and packed with supplementary material and artwork)

17. Disney's Pocahatas Boxset (although the movie is on DVD, this LD set is packed with supplementary material and artwork; the LD boxset is considered reference quality sound and picture)

18. Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame Boxset (although the movie is on DVD, this LD set is packed with supplementary material and artwork)

19. Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame - DTS (not on DVD; considered reference quality sound)

20. Casper - DTS - considered by most sound purists to be the best sounding movie ever released in any format.

21. Disney's Jungle Book 30th Anniversary Edition (the LD has supplemental material that is not on the bare-bones DVD release)

22. Disney's Bambi 55th Anniversary Edition (not on DVD and has supplementary material)

23. Disney's The Lion King Boxset (not on DVD and packed with supplementary material and artwork)

24. The Godfather Trilogy Boxset (not on DVD; three movies re-edited in chronological order and includes numerous previously-deleted scenes; also has a supplementary LD about the making of the movies, and includes fascinating original screen tests of various actors who did not get the part)

25. Robinson Crusoe on Mars - Criterion (not on DVD; one of the most sought-after LDs)

25. Bad Day at Black Rock - Criterion (not on DVD; has director's commentary and is considered one of the most prized Criterion LDs)

26. E.T. Signature Collector's Edition (although released on DVD in two versions - original 1982 theatrical version and a 2002 special edition version, I have not been able to determine if all of the supplements from this boxset made it to the DVD special edition just released)

27. Once Upon a Time in the West (not on DVD)

28. Once Upon a Time in America (not on DVD)

29. Indiana Jones Trilogy - WS (not on DVD)

30. The Day the Earth Stood Still - Autographed Collector's Edition (not on DVD and packed with supplementary material)

31. The James Dean Collection (As of 12/25/00, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant were on DVD. But, Giant could only be purchased for a short time from only Canadia DVD sellers. Then, the DVD of Giant was pulled and has not been given a new release date. Therefore, if you purchased Giant on DVD when it was being sold, and you already had Rebel without a Cause, you were only missing East of Eden as the last of the three films made by James Dean. If you missed the Giant DVD, then the James Dean Collection is the only way to currently own all of Dean's movies; in addition, this particular collection has an excellent documentary about James Dean)

32. Dr. Strangelove - Criterion Collection - has the most interesting (and funny) collection of supplemental material I have ever seen for a movie.

33. Close Encounters of the Third Kind Criterion Collection CAV - although released on DVD, there are three versions: original 1977 version; 1980 re-edited version; and 1998 Special Ed. - I am still not sure which version made it to the DVD, but I am pretty sure that the Criterion Collection is still the only way to own the original theatrical release of this movie.

34. Raging Bull Criterion Collection - outstanding commentary and priceless supplements not found on the DVD.

35. Lawrence of Arabia - Criterion Collection - finally released on DVD, BUT, according to Robert Harris, I believe the Criterion Collection CAV edition has the most accurate color rendering of the movie (even more so than the DVD; of course, the resolution of the DVD wins hands down); in addition, I do not think the DVD release contains all of the supplemental material contained on the Criterion CAV/CLV versions.

36. Confidential Report Criterion Collection - Orson Welles classic still not on DVD.

37. The Beatles Anthology (not on DVD; considered reference quality picture and sound, and still available from some retailers for only 10% of the original retail cost)

38. The Al Jolson Collection (not on DVD, and I believe the only way to own The Jazz Singer LD)

40. Zulu Criterion Collection - although released to DVD at least twice, the presentation of this classic war movie has been, at best, horrible (I suppose this explains the $5-$7 range of sale prices for the two DVD releases). The Criterion Collection edition is still the best; its "liner notes" are some of the best ever produced for an LD cover.

41. Disney's Cinderella - Exlusive Archive Collection Boxset (not on DVD and packed with supplementary material and artwork)

42. The African Queen Boxset (not on DVD and packed with supplementary material)

43. T-2 Special Edition - although the recent DVD Ultimate Special Edition improves greatly on the picture and sound quality of the movie, the DVD did NOT carry-over the GunsNRoses video that was released to coincide with the release of the movie.

44. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - even though released on DVD, many consider the LD to have superior sound and consider it to be reference quality.

45. The Magnificent Ambersons - Criterion CAV (not on DVD and has supplementary material)

46. Blade Runner - there were three versions of this movie released to the public for purchase as either video, LD, or DVD. I have all of them, and will list each along with a description of each: (a) Embassy Video (VHS or LD - only way to obtain is through private sale or auction such as Ebay) - the ONLY way to watch Blade Runner as it was shown in wide release in 1982) has narration throughout the movie and has the "happy ending"; (b) Criterion CAV (Discontinued European tapes or Criterion LDs) often referred to as the "International Cut", and has more gore than the other editions; as with the Embassy Video release, this Criterion ; (c) 1992 "Director's Cut" (VHS, LD, DVD) - no happy ending, no narration until the roof-scene, and contains Deckard's unicorn dream). Updated 12/25/00: A special edition DVD has been unofficially announced for 2001, but no one knows what version(s) will be on the DVD).

47. The Nightmare Before Christmas Boxset (all of the supplementary material did NOT make it to the recent DVD special edition)

48. Gettysburg Boxset (Updated 12/25/00: Recently released on DVD in anamorphic widescreen; the DVD picture is outstanding, but it contains the Abridged version of the movie, and has very little supplementary material; the Special Edition boxset is still considered one of the best boxsets ever produced - it actually contained an authentic Civil War bullet in a leather pouch)

49. Disney's Aladdin (not on DVD)

50. Disney's Pinnochio Boxset (only movie is on DVD; Disney's first LD boxset; has supplementary material and artwork)

51. Disney's A Goofy Movie - although released on DVD, the LD is the ONLY way to watch the movie in its OAR - what a shame.

52. Dracula Criterion Collection - excellent commentary and supplements not found on the DVD releases.

53. 2001: A Space Odyssey - although released in a superb remastered anamorphic print, the Criterion Collection has supplemental material not found on this DVD.

54. The Rock Criterion Collection - although released on DVD by Criterion, the DVD release does NOT contain the supplement infamous first "Got Milk" commercial produced by the director of this movie.

55. Titanic - DTS (considered reference quality sound)

56. Halloween - Criterion (has what is considered to be one of the best running commentaries ever made)

57. Boogie Nights - Criterion (although this movie has been released twice on DVD, including a recent 2-disc special edition, neither DVD has the documentary about John Holmes, Exhausted - the LD does. But, the LD version of Exhausted is truncated - you have to own the video Exhausted by itself to own the entire presentation)

58. Judgment at Nuremberg Remastered Widescreen - this version has one of the best transfers I have ever seen on an LD. In addition, this edition contains the full-length of the movie.

59. The Alamo - Restored Special Edition - although this movie was recently released on DVD in anamorphic widescreen, the DVD did NOT contain the entire, uncut movie. It appears this LD version is the ONLY way to own the uncut version.

60. The Adventures of Robin Hood Criterion CAV - remastered movie with excellent supplementary material, including home-made movies taken during filming breaks. This movie has NOT been announced for DVD. Unfortunately, the quality of the movie presentation is not very good; a later release by Warner Bros. resulted in much better picture quality.

61. El Cid Criterion - excellent transfer; not slated for release on DVD.

62. Disney's Song of the South - the ONLY way to own this movie is to purchase the Japanese import. Because of the "politically correct" atmosphere in the US, I seriously doubt that this movie will EVER be released (or even shown) in the US.

63. Disney's Toy Story - DTS (reference quality sound and video)

64. Disney's The Three Caballeros/Saludos Amigos - Exclusive Archive Collection Boxset (movies on DVD, but supplementary material is not)

65. The Thing from Another World (not on DVD)

66. Tootsie - Criterion - on DVD, but does not contain the supplementary material.

67. Disney's So Dear to My Heart - announced and canceled many times for DVD; unsure of the reason for the delay.

68. Disney's The Rescuers (not on DVD; I have the original, recalled version with the nude woman in the window - no joke, the woman is there)

69. King Kong - Criterion Collection (not available on DVD)

70. The Last of the Mohicans - the ONLY way to view the original theatrical release of the movie; includes the music by the group Clannad "I Will Find You" that was omitted from the original DVD release, as well as the remastered DTS re-release (which has excellent sound and picture quality)

71. Microcosmos - reference quality video and sound; not available on DVD.

72. Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: The Lost World on DTS: (I have no intention of starting a fight regarding the merits of Dolby Digital vs. DTS - I am simply commenting how the two sound on my setup) For my home theater (Denon 7500 receiver and M&K THX speakers), the LD DTS version sounded much "bassier" than the DVD DTS version. I am not saying one is correct and the other is not - I am only saying that, TO ME, the DTS LDs have better sound than their DVD counterparts.

73. The Making of a Legend: Gone With the Wind - one of the best documentaries ever about how a movie is made. Over 2 hours long and not on DVD.

74. Dune Special Edition Boxset - available only from Japan; very, very interesting retelling of the movie released by Lynch in the US. Although "disowned" by Lynch for the movie-version, it does add a bit more narration that presents a better story-line for those not familiar with the book.

75. Independence Day DTS - considered one of the premiere soundtracks for movies.

76. Se7en - Criterion Collection - I believe the only way to view this movie as originally intended by the director (some type of "leaching" process with the film was used to produce this particular version), although some claim that the recent "special edition" release of the movie by New Line recreated the "color" that Fincher produced for the theatrical release of the movie, as well as for the Criterion Collection LD release.

77. Aliens - only way to own the theatrical version of this movie with the original sound

78. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Boxet - although recently re-released as a special edition, nothing compares to the special boxed LD edition - must like the Amadeus LD special boxed edition.

79. Amadeus Boxset - identical description as for No. 78 - although recently re-released as a special edition, the LD special edition boxset simply has too much supplements to pass up.

80. The Ultimate Oz - by far, the greatest accumulation of movie material about one movie (The Wizard of Oz), all contained in one outstanding boxset.

81. Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan - in my opinion, a very well made movie regarding the Apeman. I do not believe this movie has ever been announced for an upcoming DVD release.

82. Fort Apache - still not on DVD. It is one of the John Ford "cavalry classics" in which John Wayne starred (in order): (1) Fort Apache, (2) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, and (3) Rio Grande. I cannot imagine why this movie has not yet been released on DVD - the three titles I just mentioned would have made a perfect boxset, as they are considered a true "trilogy" in terms of actors, director, and subject matter.

83. Metropolis (with Giorgio Moroder soundtrack) - rumour has it that both versions will be released on DVD (original soundtrack and Moroder soundtrack), but no firm date has been given.

Patrick McCart

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May 16, 2001
Georgia (the state)
Real Name
Patrick McCart
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, The Adventures of Robin Hood, King Kong, The Beatles Anthology, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and El Cid are all coming soon. Most in 2003, with The Beatles Anthology coming by the end of the year.

New Line Cinema's 2-disc Se7en DVD is indeed the correct version. David Fincher scanned the original negative and digitally color graded it for the DVD for superior image.

Swiss Family Robinson has been on DVD for a while and seems to have a ton of supplements. A Peter Pan SE was released a few months ago with plenty of supplements as well.

Dave Simpson

Second Unit
Sep 18, 1999

How about Fox's wide-screen, Dolby Digital version of the theatrical cut of Aliens? Not available on DVD, I believe...



Nov 23, 1999
How about adding:

1. Fearless - DVD is not widescreen.

2. Glengarry Glen Ross - Upcoming DVD will not have the Jack Lemon commentary like on the Special Edition Pioneer LD, (the one with the play).

3. A Christmas Story - LD is widescreen, DVD isn't.

John Sparks

Senior HTF Member
Sep 12, 2001
Menifee, CA
Real Name
John Sparks
Great thread!
I still need these 5 to finish off my collection, I have 98% of what you have stated above:
1)Golden Age of Looney Tunes Vol.5
2)Compleat Tex Avery
3)Sci Fi Matinee Vol.2
4)Horror Classics Vol.1
5)Song of the South
I need to win a small lottery so I can pick these up on eBay and be a happy camper! :D

Brian Kidd

Senior HTF Member
Nov 14, 2000
SCROOGE - Albert Finney/Alec Guinness musical version of A Christmas Carol. Not available on DVD. LD is Widescreen.

Dave Anderson

Second Unit
Apr 8, 1999
Frighteners Signature Collection LD

Frighteners DTS LD

Halloween H20 DTS LD (DVD is non-anamorphic, LD has advantage of DTS sound)

Jimmy Nugent

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 6, 2000
Hearts of Darkness: A filmmaker's Apocalypse
Documentary of the filming of Fancis Ford Copolla's Apocalypse Now
Not likely to ever see a DVD release.
Platoon- Collector's Edition
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest- Collector's Edition
Pioneer Special Edition Book Sets.
I'm not sure of the LD supplements vs. the DVD's. There is just something special about these sets- a truly tactile experience. Both (if I recall correctly) feature the scripts replete with director's notations.

Jay E

Senior HTF Member
May 30, 2000
One of my most prized possessionsis The Val Lewton Collection - 9 great films that should be on DVD.
The Thin Man Collection is also a much treasured box set.

John Sparks

Senior HTF Member
Sep 12, 2001
Menifee, CA
Real Name
John Sparks
Lon Chaney's 3 films; Charlie Chan's 6 films; Tarzan's 4 films, Buster Keaton at MGM's 7 films, Little Rascals(Our Gang); the 3 Stooges shorts...the list goes on and on!!!

Dave Anderson

Second Unit
Apr 8, 1999
A few others...

Encyclopedia of Horror (Japanese 4-disc box set hosted by Stephen King) - expensive, but appears regularly on ebay

Monster Squad (not on DVD). Domestic LD is P&S, Japanese LD is 2.35:1 widescreen.

speaking of Ransom...

Random DTS LD - Director's Cut (Japanese LD)

Chris Moe

Jun 12, 2002
Three O'clock High, not on DVD
Moon Over Parador, not on DVD
The Haunting (1963), not on DVD
Quick Change, not on DVD
Accidental Tourist, not on DVD
Barton Fink, not on DVD
Backbeat, not on DVD
Kieslowski's three color trilogy (Red, Blue, White), not on DVD
Breakin', not on DVD :D
Delicatessen, not on DVD
Fandango (1985), not on DVD
Fire in the Sky, not on DVD
Freaks, not on DVD
Lost Highway, not on DVD
Miller's Crossing, not on DVD
My Own Private Idaho, not on DVD
Night on Earth, not on DVD
Once Upon a Time in America, not on DVD
Roger & Me, not on DVD
Soylent Green, not on DVD
Sure Thing, not on DVD
Thin Blue Line, not on DVD
THX 1138, not on DVD
Twilight Zone: The Movie, not on DVD
Valley Girl, not on DVD
Vanishing Point, not on DVD
Wild at Heart, not on DVD
The list goes on and on.


Jul 27, 2000
40. Zulu Criterion Collection - classic war movie not yet on DVD
This has been released on dvd at least once and possibly twice. A new version comes out next week. So far I think the Criterion LD is the best. We'll see how the new disc looks.

Bob Cashill

Senior HTF Member
Aug 15, 2001
Real Name
Robert Cashill
An LD I rented, but should have purchased, is Anthony Mann's WINCHESTER '73 (1950), which has a moderated commentary with James Stewart. How nice it would be if the disc, commentary and all, could be ported over to DVD.


Second Unit
Aug 22, 2002
Bought both the standard and expanded editions of Wyatt Earp around 6 weeks ago. Never seen the movie before and thought that it was extremely underratted, pls it had one of the best James newton howard scores ever, apart from LOTR;)
Have a good few of the lasers listed. Would'nt mind the signature editions of Jaws, ET or Frighteners(every1's after that one) though. The Gettysburg boxset sounds great, the kicker for me was the actual bullett, great.
What was on the SpEd of Schindlers Lists, never even knew one came out or was in existance. Thought that there was only the stanard version and the DTS version out. Still have my Pal LD to watch yet of that that i got with Wyatt Earp and a few other discs.

Keith Paynter

Mar 16, 1999
The Schindler's List Special Edition featured the standard PCM Dolby Surround LD, but came in a numbered limited edition box (but the cover for the LD did not have a UPC code on the back - it was on the outer box wrapping), along with a soundtrack CD and a paperback copy of the novel.


Aug 19, 2001
Real Name

why not? Are there rights issues? I own the LD, but wouldnt mind swapping it out for the DVD.


Grand Prix : not on DVD
Bram Stoker's Dracula Criterion: Coppola Commentary
The Great Escape Criterion: Sturges Commentary

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