Multi-Zone capability with Denon AVR-5803

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Scott Wong, Sep 3, 2004.

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    I am moving into a townhome in the middle of October. It was built in 2001 so it isn't new construction or anything like that.

    I am intending to purchase a Denon AVR-5803 once the move is completed. I have a few questions about multi-zone capability and what it consists of since this will be my first home!

    My main 'theater' area is going to be in a loft upstairs. Wiring this will be relatively straight forward. I may stick with my 5.1 surround set-up but am also contemplating either 6.1 or 7.1 with the addition of this new receiver.

    I would like to add a second TV in the formal living room... nothing too obtrusive. Perhaps a small LCD TV as it will be my girlfriend's formal living space. However, it is something that may be utilized if we want to watch two different programs. I am also contemplating the addition of a small LCD TV in our bathroom. There will not be any surround set-up in either the formal living space or the bathroom (obviously). The main loft area I described earlier will be utilizing for movie viewing.

    As a video source, I intend to add VOOM satellite service. With that said, I would like the satellite service to be routed to each of the three rooms I already mentioned.

    1. I am assuming that if each of the three sets want to watch independent programming then I would need three receivers, correct? If I don't go that route, would it be at all possible to simply have the TV in the bathroom be set to the same programming as one of the other two TV's I intend on adding?? Would I speak to the VOOM installer about that??

    2. The bathroom: I would like to mount in-ceiling speakers in the bathroom. Since there won't be any surround set-up, I would just like to have a simple pair of stereo speakers installed. The speakers will be used for the video source on the TV as well as audio either via a CD or the radio. If I only obtain two receivers and have this room play the same video source as one of the two other TV's, is it still possible to have this room play a different audio source? i.e., me listening to a CD in the loft with my girlfriend listening to her favorite radio station while taking a bath, for example.

    3. I have seen different wall-mount volume controls in various catalogs. I would assume this would also be necessary if any one of the additional rooms wanted a different volume level. The loft would not be an issue since I plan on putting the Denon up there. The bathroom, however, I would assume would need one of these. i.e., Perhaps my girlfriend taking a bath would not want to listen to the volume at the same as the master volume on the Denon. Do I have this correct or am I completely off base here??

    Sorry for the lengthy post. I just want to insure that I understand this concept before moving in. I intend to have VOOM come out immediately upon moving in and install the satellite service. I am assuming they will run cable (for an additional cost, of course) to the various rooms that I want service?? Or no?? And by running cable into those rooms, I am assuming they would also have to install individual RF wall mounts? There is not one in the bathroom for sure. And I am not positive if there is one in the formal downstairs living area.

    Thanks in advance if any of you might be able to lend some info...

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    Typically multi-zone from a main receiver is accomplished with all the sources located at the receiver. What you’re proposing is integrating sources from remote locations into the main receiver. This makes for a very confusing and convoluted system, both from installation and operational perspective.
    As noted, the ZOOM install guys are only concerned with getting a signal to their receivers. With the receiver right there in the room, no individual RF wall mounts are needed. Anything you need for the Denon – in-wall level controls, IR repeaters – that’s not their problem. You will need an A/V installer for that stuff.

    My recommendation: Just get a stand-alone system for the bathroom, perhaps a mini system in the interest of saving space. If you can find away to get a line-level audio signal from the Denon to the bathroom (you were going to have to do that anyway for what you were proposing, in addition to Zone 2 speaker wiring), that would add the option of CD, radio, etc. in there. It will be just as much trouble to run line level between the Denon and the bathroom as it will Zone 2 speaker cables, and as I mentioned, with the latter you will still need a local amp for TV audio. With a stand-alone bathroom system you won’t need to worry about any Zone 2 speaker wiring, in-wall speaker controls, or remote IR repeaters (ditto). It’s the most logical way to do this, IMO

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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