Press Release/Specs on New Denon AVR5803 Flagship

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    For Immediate Release. Contact: Sharron Silvers at Dobbin/Bolgla Associates.
    Tel 1(212)388-1400 or E-mail: [email protected]
    Pine Brook, NJ, January 8, 2002 -- Denon Electronics today unveils a major leap forward in home theater receiver design with the introduction of its THX Ultra2 Certified AVR-5803 A/V Surround Receiver. Designed to literally envelop listeners in sound, the 7.1-channel AVR-5803 brings new levels of sonic realism to the home theater experience. Winner of a CEA Innovations 2002 Design and Engineering award, the unit's remarkable surround sound capabilities are made possible by innovations such as advanced dual Analog Devices Hammerhead SHARC 32-bit processors and Burr-Brown 24-bit/192kHz audio DACs, as well as THX Ultra2 7.1-channel processing, Dolby Pro Logic II decoding, Dolby Headphone output, built-in video conversion and many additional leading edge technologies.
    Solidifying Denon as "The First Name in Digital Audio," the AVR-5803 is designed to function as the centerpiece of an integrated system, via the new proprietary Denon Digital Link, with the new DVD-9000 ultra-high-end DVD-Audio/Video player. While each unit independently achieves a new level of performance in surround sound audio and video, it is when the two are combined-using the proprietary Denon Digital Link-that the AVR-5803/DVD-9000 combination truly redefines the state of the art.
    Ultimate Surround Sound Performance and Flexibility
    The Denon AVR-5803 is compatible with every popular 5.1-and 6.1-channel surround sound format and includes THX Ultra2 Cinema and Music decoding. As part of the THX Ultra2 specification, the AVR-5803 also includes built-in video switching to accommodate all high-bandwidth video sources such as HDTV and progressive scan DVD with no image degradation.
    Along with THX Ultra2 processing, the AVR-5803 offers THX Surround EX decoding, plus Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital Surround EX decoding and a Dolby Headphone output that provides a 5.1-channel listening experience from stereo headphones. Supported DTS surround sound formats include DTS ES-Discrete, DTS-Matrix and DTS Neo:6 Music and Cinema 6.1, as well as DTS 96/24 5.1 for high-resolution music/video discs. In addition, the Denon AVR-5803 features THX 4.0/5.1/6.1 post-processing, which can be used with all surround modes including Dolby Pro Logic II and all DTS-ES technologies.
    The AVR-5803 also provides a variety of useful DSP modes such as Denon's exclusive
    Widescreen 7.1 mode, which provides 7.1-channel reproduction from 5.1 and stereo sources in multi-channel systems using two additional surround back loudspeakers, and 7-Channel Stereo mode, in which all seven speakers (front, surround and surround back) reproduce full fidelity unprocessed stereo and the center channel provides an L + R blend. For owners of 5.1-channel home theater systems, the AVR-5803 also includes a 5-Channel Stereo mode.
    The Most Advanced Digital Audio Technologies
    The Denon AVR-5803 incorporates the latest available digital technologies to achieve the highest fidelity, resolution and processing power ever offered in any A/V component. The
    AVR-5803 incorporates two of the new Analog Devices Hammerhead SHARC 32-bit processors and no less than 16 Burr-Brown 24-bit, 192kHz audio DACs to deliver unprecedented surround sound performance and sonic realism. For ultimate audio quality when listening to stereo audio sources, the receiver can re-configure the DACs to provide eight-DAC dual-differential operation, with four DACs per audio channel, and shuts off all unnecessary circuitry to preserve maximum sonic purity.
    This ultimate-performance DSP circuitry operates in conjunction with Denon's proprietary DDSC-D (Dynamic Discrete Surround Decoder-Digital) and AL24 Processing Plus technologies to further enhance sonic performance. The DDSC-D circuit dynamically allocates processing power for optimum surround sound decoding performance, while the AL24 Processing Plus circuit uses sophisticated interpolation algorithms and digital filtering to improve low-level resolution and dynamic range.
    An additional DDSC-D design feature is the use of a separate, parallel stereo analog pathway with bass management for the highest quality stereo audio reproduction. The AVR-5803 keeps the main stereo signal information from analog sources in the analog domain (above 80 Hz), preserving the high quality analog output from LP, or a CD or DVD player with HDCD decoding with no A/D and D/A digital artifacts or added noise.
    Denon Digital Link: The Path to Ultimate Sonic Performance
    The AVR-5803 is designed to be the digital-decoding center of an integrated system in conjunction with the new DVD-9000, when the two components are connected using the proprietary Denon Digital Link. This connection enables the AVR-5803 to receive digital audio data from the DVD-9000's transport section, including two-channel and multi-channel DVD-Audio. The data can then be decoded and processed by the AVR-5803's state-of-the-art digital electronics for the ultimate level of sonic performance-with full digital bass management. The Denon Digital Link, combined with future software and/or firmware upgrades will enable the AVR-5803 to decode multiple digital audio formats according to the way it is configured.
    Unmatched Features and Flexibility
    The Denon AVR-5803 offers an unparalleled combination of power, features and flexibility. Its Equal Power amplifier section includes seven all-discrete channels, and each channel-left, center and right front, left and right rear surround, and the left and right surround back channels-delivers a prodigious 170 watts of high-current power (into 8 ohms, from 20Hz-20kHz, with no more than .05% THD). If desired, the amplifier channels can be reassigned to accommodate system configurations using less than seven main channels, while utilizing the receiver's full amplification capability.
    The AVR-5803 provides the most extensive complement of features and control options of any A/V receiver ever created. An especially useful new feature is the receiver's built-in video conversion capability, which converts composite or S-video sources to component video without compromising video quality. This enables the user to keep all video switching in a high-end home theater system in the component video domain, simplifying hookup and operation in a system using multiple program sources with mixed video connections. The AVR-5803 provides three sets of high-bandwidth HDTV-compatible component video inputs.
    The AVR-5803 is designed to bring out the best in all existing surround sound formats and program material, thanks to its Dual Surround Mode Speaker Switching featuring two pairs of left and right surround channel speaker outputs. This unique Denon feature allows the user to install two sets of surround speakers-diffuse surround and direct radiating-and choose the best set of surround speakers for either movie or music listening without compromising either listening mode. For example, the listener can choose between side-mounted dipole/bipole speakers when listening to Dolby Digital or DTS movie soundtracks, and direct radiating speakers mounted at the rear corners when listening to 5.1-channel music surround program material.
    Other highlights include 11 assignable optical and coaxial digital inputs, automatic digital/analog input source selection, three-source/three zone multi-room audio and video capability, an Enhanced Bass Management system that allows the user to optimize bass response for any home theater speaker configuration, Denon's Personal Memory Plus function that retains surround sound settings for each program source in memory and much more. The AVR-5803 also includes a full array of "custom installation" A/V receiver features, as well as DC trigger outputs and an RS-232C control port to facilitate integrated system operation. The Denon AVR-5803 is designed to accommodate future formats and upgrades, by means of a software/firmware upgrade pathway and space set aside on the rear panel for hardware upgrades such as an IEEE 1394 or other multi-channel digital audio connection.
    The AVR-5803 is supplied with Denon's AKTIS RC-8000 Programmable LCD Remote Control and companion RC-8001ST Charger Base/RF Relay Station. Upgraded for improved functionality and ease of use, the AKTIS provides complete control of even the most sophisticated home entertainment systems from a single programmable and customizable touch-screen device, and transmits both IR and RF control signals for total system control flexibility including multi-room operation.
    Along with ultimate performance, the Denon AVR-5803 is built to ultimate quality standards. Its chassis construction is designed to optimize audio performance through the use of isolated digital and analog circuits, extensive internal shielding, premium-quality components throughout and other refinements.
    The AVR-5803 carries a suggested retail price of $4,300 and will be available March 2002.
    Denon Electronics is Japan's oldest audio company. Founded more than 90 years ago, the company has a long history of technical innovations, including the development and first commercialization of PCM digital audio.
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    The 5803 looks to be vastly updated..........


    No mention of multichannel analog input bass management.

    Same Aktis remote........ bummer

    No room enviroment correction functions.

    Looks like the Pioneer Elite VSX-49TX will still have a few tricks of it's own over the Denon Flagship......

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    with all the bad 2802's,3802's,4802's that the new "holding" company ownership dumped all over the e-tail market (without mfgr support, of course) I think I'll wait to see how the q.c. turns out ...could be a nice piece though

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