More questions about Rotel 1055 vs. others (long)

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  1. Rob*Gallo

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    It seems that this issue has been covered extensively, but I haven't found all the answers yet, so here's a direct request. For a while I have been considering the Marantz 7300 and the Denon 3803 for my new receiver. There are actually more Rotel dealers in my area, so I am now considering the Rotel 1055, as there is more price competition as compared to the other two brands. However, I have a few questions that I hope someone could help me with...

    FYI, I plan to match it with Paradigm Studio 60s, Studio CC, Studio 20s and an SVS for music (DVD-A and SACD) 65% and HT (non-HDTV) 35%.

    I do know the Rotel has HDCD decoding and don't believe that the others do. The Rotel is also upgradable to 7.1. Also, the Denon has video up conversion and the others do not.

    What features do the others have that the 1055 lacks? (I have seen the chart that Bob put together). Are there any bass management issues, DACs, ease of speaker setup, etc that I need to consider? The manuals (particularly Marantz) aren't all that forthcoming with info so any help would be appreciated. Basically, is there any feature that I will regret not having if I go with the Rotel?

    I have listened to them all, but no dealer stocks everything so direct comps have been difficult. I also question whether the Marantz will have enough power. I have heard some disparaging remarks about its ability.

    If I do go with the Rotel, I know I need to get one with the latest upgrades. At a list of $1300, what type of discount is reasonable to expect. (Will not be getting the receiver and speakers from the same dealer).

    Any insights or recommendations are greatly appreciated...
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    I sent you an email.
  3. Rich Wenzel

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    Aug 9, 2002
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    Listen to Andrew....

    Here are my thoughts, from a pure sound quality the denon and the marantz are not in the same league, imo, but they are also cheaper...about $1170 expected for the rotel versus lower than $900 for the denon and the marantz, ie. the rotel costs more than 30% more.

    I think for most hometheaters, the rotel has almost every feature that you would need...if you have a really large room, it may be missing some stuff as you might want logic 7 or something, also its a tad shy on digital ins...

    i am not too familiar with the feature set of the denon and the maranzt, but if i had to bet, which of the 3 receivers has the most features, i expect the denon to have the best features....

    as for pricing, you should expect 10% off of list and consider 15% off of list to be good, and 20% to be highly unlikely....


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