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Jan 10, 2005
Received the custom 2528 Mogami RCA to Split Dual RCA Insert Cable - Gold Plated subwoofer interconnects yesterday from The Cable Factory.
Prior to the Mogami’s I also was using the Radio Shack Fusion cables going to the sub woofer amps.
The sound was deep and OK sounding but to me it always sounded a bit sloppy and boomy.
Which for a while assumed that was normal for a 15” sub with an XMAX of 20.5 MM.
But since recently swapping out all the other interconnects through out the system with the 2524 Mogami’s
Click here to Read Previous Review and because there was such a dramatic increase in speaker control and dynamics!
I then decided to have The Cable Factory make me some for the subs since they did so well for the main portion of the stereo I was very much in anticipation that the Mogami 2528 cables would tighten up the bass…
I was correct.
The bass is now tighter and more controlled, where the kick drums sound like a kick drum not like a subwoofer speaker just pounding out a lot of air and vibrating the house with bass effects and the bass guitar sounds like a bass guitar, as it should.

Bob McElfresh

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May 22, 1999
How tight are the RCA plugs?

When SVS was starting out, someone bought one and complained about the boomy quality. The SVS guys sent him a low-end radio-shack cable that dramatcially improved the sound. The trick: a tighter RCA plug.

For sub frequencies - the coax is not usually the issue, but subs seem to like snug-fitting RCA plugs. (I think this is why Monster has those turbine-grip-o-death RCA's).


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Jan 10, 2005

The previous Radio Shack RCA were very snug.
The new Mogamis fit snugly but not as snug as the Radio Shack did.
But with the Mogami Sub cables the bass is definitely tighter and more defined.
Giving the sub bass a closer to a you are there stage presences (live) than ever before.
I am running one 1000 watt 15" sub per channel (Not through the LFE) at the same time and one of them has a pretty long cable run which is where the Mogami cables shine.

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