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Jan 10, 2005
Sorry Folks for this duplicate I posted by error in audioholics
Current mood: excited.

I was not going to pay $100.00+ a meter for interconnects as do most of the audiophile grade cables cost these days but did not want to suffer quality either.

After doing some online research I stumbled across the Mogami and every where I read someone stated that these were the best there is, or very good at best.

Never thought that higher quality cables made any real difference, I always thought it was a bunch of hype, but boy was I wrong...
I was using the Radio Shack Fusion cables which are good but when I replaced my EQ the other day one of the wires developed a short so I decided to replace them.

I have been using the Mogami Cables for 5 days now and, wow what a difference these cables have made!

I am hearing stuff on my vinyl records that I never knew was in the recording stuff going on in the studio or on the stage the vocals and instrumentation sound realistic and believable, it's as if a vale has been lifted of my system, its like...3D to your ears.

Now the problem is I just can not get enough music!

I have always enjoyed playing at least one vinyl record everyday,
but since the cable swap, I find myself listening deeper, my concentration is now focused on whats recorded on the vinyl which has made listing experience more interesting and realistic.
The attack, decay and depth of the instruments and vocals is astonishing.

Although CD's are not my preferred play back there was still an over all improvement to the CD sound as well.

The good thing is these don't cost a a lot of money so you wont have to sacrifice buying that new car just to purchase these.
Custom made to your exact measurements if you want, or they also have them pre-made in specific lengths too, plus they come with lifetime guarantee.

If your looking for a neutral, low noise, excellent sounding, durable and well made interconnect cable then these are very well worth a try.

Link to the people that made mine:
and they also do international orders and if you want custom lengths just go to the contact page and tell them what you require they reply pretty fast.

Their Statements:

Mogami gold plated RCA interconnect cable provides the high signal quality and flat frequency response needed in recording applications, and is also an excellent option for home hi-fi listening applications.

This cable features a layer of conductive PVC between the shield and the conductor insulation, which minimizes microphonics (noise induced when handling a cable which has 48v phantom power running through it) and provides even greater EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) resistance for when it is placed next to cables with high voltages running through them.

The Science of the Signal Chain

In a music studio, the equipment used to create, process, and record sound makes up a signal path. Each component of the signal path affects the sound passing through it.

The cables that interconnect audio equipment in a signal path are just as much a component of the chain as the equipment itself.
Many home studio and project studio owners carefully select the best pieces of audio equipment they can afford, such as microphones, preamps, EQ..'s, and tape/hard disk recorders. However, often overlooked is a detail that professional studios take careful note of: the cables.

A signal chain is only as good as its weakest link. One can have high-end microphones, perfectly clear preamps, and an expensive mixer, but if low-quality cables are used to connect the three, the recorded sound will sound low-quality. High-quality cables must be used to maintain a high-quality signal path.

Our Manufacturing Methods

To provide you with completely transparent cables, we use only high-quality Mogami OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) cable and Neutrik connectors, and we carefully prepare, solder, and assemble each cable by hand. We use only lead-free, 98% tin/2% silver solder.

We employ a technique in the manufacturing of our cables that is not commonly used among cable manufacturers. When the joint between the wire and the connector is made, and the soldering iron has been lifted from the connector, we let the cable sit perfectly still for 10 seconds.

Because the solder we use is silver-bearing, this creates a molecular "silver bridge" in the solder. This molecular silver bridge enhances the conductance of the connection between the wire and the connector, therefore helping make the cable more sonically transparent and a strong link in your signal chain.
My Equipment list (Audio Only):
Receiver: Pioneer Elite VSX-39TX (used as preamp only)
CD transport: Pioneer Elite PD-65
Turntable: Technics SL-1210M5G (main source)
Cartridge: KAB/Ortofon ProS40
Graphic EQ: ART HD215 15-Band
Tube Buffer: Musical Fidelity X-10 V3
Amps: Dual QSC SRA 3622 Bridged @ 4800 watts 8ohns
Speaker Wire: Sound King 10 gauge
Custom built with tailor made high power Passive Crossovers
Per speaker Cabinet:
15" Dayton professional as Woofer
15" Fane Axiom AX300B Guitar as Midrange
Selenium DT201TI compression horn as Tweeter
Dual 15" Titanic MKIII with 1000 Watt Subwoofer Amp each

Music played:
Everything I threw at them all resulted in an overall improvement, Classic rock, Blue Grass, Country & Western, Classical to Heavy Metal (sorry no rap)


Stunt Coordinator
Jan 10, 2005

Yeah Mogami is trying to work their way into the Audiophile market.
And I am sure there is a better cable out there if one has unlimited funds to buy them, but for the money these are going to be hard to beat.

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