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Chris PC

Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2001
All the Laserdiscs are SOLD

Star Wars THX Faces $60.00 shipped
Phantom Menace $30.00 shipped
Abyss WS Dolby Surround Special Edition Box Set THX Certified Collectors 7
Ace Ventura - Pet Detective WS Dolby Additional Footage not seen in theaters 7
Air Force One WS DDAC3 Original theatrical trailer 7
Apocalypse Now WS 4
Apollo 13 WS DDAC3 THX Certified 6
Armageddon WS DDAC3 Music Video 6
A Very Brady Sequel WS Dolby Surround 3
Bad Lieutenant Digital Sound 4
Batman and Robin WS DDAC3 5
Batman Forever WS DDAC3 5
Bean - the movie WS DDAC3 5
Beastie Boys: The skills to pay the bills 5
Blade Runner LTBX Dolby Surround 5
Blue Velvet 5
Boogie Nights WS DDAC3 7
Bulletproof WS Dolby Surround 4
Caddyshack WS Dolby Surround Special Edition Documentary - outtakes and rare footage - reminiscences 5
Cape Fear LTBX Dolby Stereo 4
CB4 LTBX Dolby Stereo Surround 2
Celebrating A Master: Monk 6
Chinatown WS Digital Sound Pioneer 1974 5
Clear& Present Danger WS DDAC3 THX Certified 6
Con Air WS DDAC3 THX Certified 7
Continental Divide Digital Sound NOT ON DVD ? 5
Crooklyn LTBXed Digital Stereo UNOPENED 5
Deliverance 3
Desperado WS Dolby Surround Audio commentary on analog right Spanish audio on left 5
Destiny Turns On The Radio 4
Dr. Dolittle WS DDAC3 6
Dr. Giggles LTBXed Digital Stereo Surround UNOPENED 4
DragonHeart LTBX Dolby Surround THX Certified 5
Dumb and Dumber WS DDAC3 6
Eraser WS Dolby Surround 6
Escape From Alcatraz 4
Escape From L.A. WS DDAC3 THX Certified 6
Escape from the Planet of the Apes WS Digital Stereo 4
Fargo WS Dolby Surround Deluxe WS version 5
Forbidden Planet WS 7
From Dusk Til Dawn 5
Game of Death WS Stereo 6
Get Shorty LTBX DDAC3 THX Certified Deleted Scene 6
Godzilla WS DDAC3 Theatrical Teaser x 2 Trailer 7
Heat WS DDAC3 7
Heavy Metal WS Dolby Surround SOME ROT 1
Highlander (Director Cut) WS DDAC3 Special Edition THX Certified Lots of Extra’s 7
Hunt For Red October WS DDAC3 THX Certified 8
Interview with the Vampire WS DDAC3 7
Isaac Stern: A life Stereo 6
Jumanji WS Dolby Surround THX Certified 5
Jungle Fever Digital Stereo UNOPENED 4
Jurassic Park WS Dolby Surround 5
Jurassic Park WS DDAC3 8
Jurassic Park: The Lost World WS DDAC3 featurette: A Look Behind the Scenes 8
Kuffs Dolby Surround 2
LA Confidential WS DDAC3 “Off the record featurette” 5
la femme Nikita WS Dolby Surround 4
Liar Liar DTS 10
Life of Brian LTBX Dolby Surround CLV audio commentary 5
Lorenzo’s Oil P & S Dolby Surround UNOPENED 4
Lorenzo’s Oil LTBXed Digital Stereo Surround UNOPENED 7
Mad Dog and Glory P & S Dolby Stereo Surround 2
Marathon Man P & S 3
Mars Attacks WS DDAC3 BONUS Music Video 6
Mean Streets WS 4
Midnight Express 2 ROT
Mission Impossible WS DDAC3 THX Certified 10
Monty Python: Parrot sketch not included 7
Moon Over Parador Digital Stereo 4
More American Graffiti Digital Stereo 5
Morrissey: Live in Dallas 6
Mortal Combat I 5
Mortal Combat II 5
Mozart: La Nozze di Figaro Box Set 6
Never Cry Wolf Stereo 4
The Nightmare B4 Christmas WS DDAC3 8
Outbreak WS DDAC3 8
Patriot Games WS DDAC3 10
Pulp Fiction WS Dolby Surround 4
Pure Luck Digital Stereo Surround UNOPENED 2
Reality Bites WS Dolby Surround 4
Reservoir Dogs WS Dolby Surround 4
Romero Digital Stereo Surround UNOPENED 4
SGT. Bilko LTBXed Digital Stereo Surround 4
Say Anything Digital Stereo 4
Sept 30, 1955 Digital Sound 4
Sinatra, the music... Stereo Box Set 6
Singles WS Dolby Surround hole-punched corner 2 fave outtake scenes 4
So I Married an Axe Murderer WS Dolby Surround Deluxe WS version 4
Son of the Pink Panther LTBX Dolby Surround Original theatrical trailer 4
SpaceBalls LTBX DDAC3 Deluxe LTBX edition Original theatrical trailer, behind the scenes, audio commentary 9
Star Trek TV series $4.00 each per 2 episode LD:
Star Trek (TOS): Arena
Star Trek (TOS): The Squire of Gothos
Star Trek (TOS): The Alternative Factor
Star Trek (TOS): The City On The Edge Of Forever
Star Trek (TOS): Wolf In The Fold
Star Trek (TOS): The Trouble With Tribblee
Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan WS Dolby Surround 4
Star Trek: First Contact WS DDAC3 THX Certified 6
Stargate WS DDAC3 THX Certified 7
The Terminator Mono (ROT) $1.00
Terminator 2, Judgement Day WS Dolby Surround Special Edition THX Certified 4
The Avengers WS DDAC3 4
the Black Adder 5
The Blair Witch Project Fullscreen Digital Stereo Surround 4
The Cable Guy WS Dolby Surround Deluxe WS presentation 5
The Crow WS Dolby Surround THX Certified 4
The English Patient WS DDAC3 THX Certified 8
The Exorcist WS DDAC3 Special Edition Lots of extra’s 8
The Falcon and the Snowman WS Dolby Surround 4
The Fugitive WS Dolby Surround 6
The Godfather WS DDAC3 THX Certified Final directors cut with additional footage - & interviews 7
The Jazz Masters 6
The Last Detail 4
The Long Kiss Goodnight WS DDAC3 7
The man who knew too little WS DDAC3 UNOPENED 8
The Mask DTS 10
The Paper WS Dolby Surround 5
The Princess Bride LTBX Dolby Surround The Criterion Collection 5
The Public Eye Digital Stereo Surround 2
The Replacement Killers WS DDAC3 Deluxe WS presentation Featureatte & Trailer 5
The Rock WS DDAC3 7
The Super (Joe Pesci) - Digital Stereo CLV - UNOPENED 4
The Thing LTBX Digital Sound 4
The Two Jakes 5
The Usual Suspects WS Dolby Surround some rot on first side 2
The Wild Life 3
Titanic WS DDAC3 THX Certified 6
Trouble Bound Digital Stereo CLV 4
Twister WS DDAC3 THX Certified Two theatrical trailers 6
Ulzana’s Raid Digital Sound 4
Under the Volcano UNOPENED 4
Volcano WS DDAC3 THX Certified 6
West World LTBX Stereo Deluxe LTBX Edition 4
White Man’s Burden WS Dolby Surround 4
Willow WS Dolby Surround THX Certified ROT 1

PM me or email me with an offer for a few discs or all of the discs...I'm open to offers :)

[email protected]

Annie Hall LTBX Deluxe LTBX Edition Trailer 5
Dressed To Kill WS 4
Dune WS DDAC3 Theatrical Trailer 6
Ferris Bueller's Day Off WS Dolby Surround 7
Field of Dreams LTBX Dolby Surround 6
Gamera vs. Gaos and Gamera vs Zigra 0
Pee Wees Big Adventure Stereo 3
Running Scared LTBX teaser trailer - original theatrical trailer 4
The Bridge on the River Kwai WS Deluxe WS presentation Theatrical
reissue trailer 4
Top Secret WS Dolby Surround 2
Zhivago & Fantasia
A Bronx Tale
Jurassic Park DTS
In the Name of the Father
12 Monkeys
A Boy And His Dog LTBX WS special edition First and Second Run Theatrical Trailers and Audio Commentary 5
Depeche Mode: Strange too Digital Stereo 5
Clifford Dolby Surround 4
The Crying Game WS Dolby Surround 4
West Side Story LTBX Dolby Surround Theatrical re-issue trailer 5
Toy Story LTBX DDAC3 THX Certified 6
Swingers WS Dolby Surround 4
Nirvana: Live tonight sold out 6
The Nightmare B4 Christmas WS DDAC3 8
James Bond 3 disc Box Set LTBX - The Connery Collection
Dr. No
From Russia With Love
and Goldfinger $16.00 for the 3 disc set
Blues Brothers the 5
Beastie Boys: Sabatoge 5

Chris PC

Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2001
These puppies are still for sale. I've replied to email inquiries, although rather late. Sorry about that.

Email me offers and I'll try to respond.

Chris PC

Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2001
Open to offers. Adding up all the asking prices = $672.00 USD or $891.00 CDN WITHOUT the STAR WARS LD's ($762.00 USD with the Star Wars).

I'm willing to sell them all together for much lower. I'd be very interested in selling all of these for much less than the above to someone local who can pick them up.

Chris PC

Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2001
I'll take trades.

I'm looking for the following DVD's:

Pulp Fiction SE
Reservoir Dogs SE
Jackie Brown SE
True Romance SE
(Yeah..I know..Quentin Tarantino mania here..)


Tommy Boy
Liar Liar DTS

is Blacksheep anamorphic?


Chris PC

Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2001

Gone. Done. Terminado. Fini. Elvis has left the building...

Goodbye Laserdiscs...you were lots of fun. Now I make room on my bookshelf for, of all things, books! and some DVD's :)

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