LG jumps into price war over OLED TVs

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Kevin Collins, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Let's hope this starts a trend for OLED pricing. The more I read about OLED, the more excited I get about them. I'm much more excited about OLED than UHD/4K.

    Well, LG isn't standing on the sidelines with the pricing war with their neighbors Samsung. LG said Monday that it has lowered the price of its 55-inch, flat screen OLED TV from 11 million won to 9.9 million won ($8,900), and slashed its curved OLED TV from 15 million won to 10.9 million.Customers who already purchased curved OLED TVs can receive a refund of the difference. The amount will be 3.1 million won as 1 million won was given as a cashback.

    Earlier this month Samsung Electronics slashed the price of its curved OLED TV from 15 million won to 9.9 million won, down by 34 percent.

    Who is excited about getting OLED in their home?
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    Ive had an OLED for more than a year now...and very much like it. Perfect blacks.
    I do wonder about long term stability, especially with the blue primary. Time will tell.

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