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  1. Robert_Zohn

    Value Electronics & Industry updates

    This just in from LG! We're included in the first allocation of C2, G2 and Z2 OLED TVs. We have a lot more information on our website. Here's some of the dates: We'll announce the prices and start taking online orders for the 55", 65" & 77" C2 Series OLED TV on Monday, March 7th. For the...
  2. Robert_Zohn

    LG's 2-day Black Friday prices in mid October

    LG's Black Friday prices on select TVs for two days only, Tuesday, October 13 and Wednesday, October 14! Here's the list of LG's very two day promotional prices: - *55GX Gallery Series OLED TV $1,997 - *65GX Gallery Series OLED TV $2,597 - 77GX Gallery Series OLED TV $4,297 (great TV @ an...