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    I have the Sony STR-DE975. I also have the "cubed" speakers that I used to be happy with. I “upgraded” my receiver to have optical sound. The speakers recommend "subwoofer - off" and "LFE - on", as there is no subwoofer cable. The receiver automatically turns LFE off when turning sub-woofer off. (I know, "what a predicament".) I am sincerely trying to educate myself. Is it possible to "re-wire" the receiver to turn LFE on while having subwoofer off? Or am I, in technical terms, "S.O.L"?
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    Hi Charles. Welcome to HTF.[​IMG]
    Your receiver does something called "Bass Management". This is because some people have all small speakers, a mix, all large speakers and all of the above with/without a sub.
    On your receiver: if you have LFE off, your receiver will send the ".1" channel to any LARGE speaker. Your "cube" speakers (who's name shall not be mentioned)[​IMG] can handle both the low-frequency and high-frequency because of that bass module. You should tell your receiver that you have LARGE speakers. This will insure your receiver works correctly for those speakers.
    Set LFE to OFF/NONE
    Set L/R/Center speakers to LARGE
    Good Luck.
    PS: I'm going to move this post to the Receivers section where others may chime in with more advice. [​IMG]

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