Lab In, Pre Out, Normal In? HELP!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Chad_, Jan 30, 2005.

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    Ok... probably a silly question... but I'm wondering what these inputs/outputs are for and how they should be jumpered on a NAD 7600 receiver.

    Essentially the receiver has a tuner, pre-amp, and power amp integrated in it. To operate normally, you leave jumpers in to bridge the pre-amp and power amp. I think the proper configuration is to connect the left and right channels from the Pre Out to Normal In. ???

    If you want to just use the power amp, I believe you remove the jumpers completely. Where would you input the signal from the pre-amp outs of another receiver? To the Normal In? Or the Lab In? Or... ???

    Basically I need to figure out what the 'normal' configuration is for the jumpers, and how to just use the units power amp (receiving the pre-amp out signal from a home theater receiver to drive the front speakers).

    Also, what is the Lab In input for??

    I hope this makes sense... any help will be GREATLY appreciated!
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    On the NAD 3020, the normal inputs are steeply filtered (-3db at 13 Hz and 49 kHz), the lab inputs are not. The filters reduced low frequency noise from the turntable, and high frequency EMI/radio noise...
    Probably, a similar design was incorporated into the NAD 7600.

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