just bought morrowind, need help to make it fun

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    Mar 29, 2002
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    right now i am not having too much fun with this game, and i heard it was really good:
    this is probably the main problem, i decided to be a knight and a orc
    so is being a thief and stealing a lot more fun? if not what is the best iyo

    what do you do in the beginning, i just got to balmora and there isn't anything to do, besides talk to people, join a club, or retrieve this item for so and so.
    is there any real scripted events at all..

    any other kind of info would help(i am new to pc rpgs)
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    Nov 25, 2001
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    My advice to you is to read Desslocks guide on Morrowind
    which can be found here:
    I would recommend downloading some player written plugins
    Go to http://www.rpgplanet.com/morrowind/ or http://www.morrowindfiles.com/
    There are some truly excellent ones, plugins that really fixed what I thought was broken or poorly implemented.
    Make sure to get the latest official patch.
    With the annoucement of the new MW Tribunal expanision, I've stopped playing MW altogether. Reason? Bethesda is finally fixing that awful journal with a sorting ability. When I quit I think I had over a 100 pages of loose quests in it, and it was a huge and confusing pain to try and prioritize them. Ah if only these RPG devs would copy the model used by Planescape Torment.
    Finally I would go to the Bethesda boards and register over at www.elderscrolls.com. Lot of very knowledgable people that surely have more knowledge that I do about MW.
    Good luck, this is one huge game.
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    Nov 28, 2000
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    The best advice I can give you is to kill someone and steal their house. Nerano Manor was my first house, and it would make a good choice for your house too. Killing Nerano will mess up one minor thieve's guild quest, but it isn't important at all. After you kill him and dispose of the body(unless you want to walk over it every time you leave), take everything in his house, and sell it to a local merchant. This will take several trips.

    Do not worry about your character being a "knight". All of the classes in Morrowind are the same, they just have different starting stats. A knight can learn to steal just as well as a thief, you just need to level his sneak skill up. There are some easy ways to do this quickly that you can look up at Gamefaqs. After you're at a respectable thieving level, go to the guard towers in the back part of the town. On top of one of the cabinets, you should just barely be able to see the corner of "Sword of White Woe" sticking out. This will be tough to steal, but if you can get it, combat will be easy for quite a while.

    As for your house, decorate it however you like. I personally took a liking to the lanterns that give off an eerie blue glow, so I traveled the world and stole enough of them to light up my entire house, inside and out. I'd also suggest having a piece of clothing enchanted with a relatively weak magnitude, 5 second duration levitation spell(do this at the mage's guild). This will let you get to areas you couldn't otherwise reach, and it will recharge automatically.

    Above all else: DO NOT DO THE MAIN QUEST. Go around, travel, see the world. Morrowind is about doing what you want to do, and you'll also have the benefit of being leveled up when you do get around to the main quest. In a way, it reminds me of a single player MMORPG, if that makes any sense.

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