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Just a FYI, Polk TSI100 speakers are a great match for Infinity Primus Bookshelf speakers. (1 Viewer)

Mike Up

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Dec 16, 2002
Forum has been extremely slow for some reason so I'll post a thread. I have Infinity primus P143 speakers and Infinity Entra .5 Speakers for surrounds, and they sound very similar as you would expect. They both have very similar drivers for woofer and tweeter and have the same size drivers. Also both have the same frequency response and power ratings.

Being unhappy with my previous Infinity Reference RS1( same as the prior year RS2000.1) main speakers and Infinity CC-2 center channel tonal characterists and probably some bad caps in the crossover causing reverberance in their sound, I wanted Infinity Primus speakers to match the rears. Well those series haven't been made for a while and not sure about the new Infinity Reference speakers as they were hard to find, expensive, and reported to sound bright, which I definitely don't want.

So I was on the hunt for new speakers and highly impressed with the Polk TL1600 speakers (TL1) that I was gifted for Christmas. The main reason I found the Infinity Reference speakers to sound really bad. I had Yamaha and Boston Acoustic speakers that still made the Infinity Reference speakers sound good though because they were so bad.

Well I discovered Crutchfield's sound compare app and bought good headphones that were on their list. You can compare speaker tonal characteristics as they record each speaker's sound, then tailor the sound to be accurate for each set of headphones on their list. Comparing against the closest Primus speaker I could find since they're discontinued was the Primus P153. Since I have a good subwoofer, low end extension wasn't a concern with the main speakers. I didn't want to pay extra for low end extension on a speaker that would be bypassed with the receiver's crossover to the subwoofer.

What I found was that the Polk TSI100 sounded very very similar to the Infinity Primus P153 than any other speaker. In fact they sounded identical with most music and only very very slightly different on other music. No other speaker on Crutchfield that allowed for audio comparison in their app, sounded anywhere near the Primus P153 except for another Polk speaker, the TL1 that I have in my Media Room system. However, I wanted more low end extension to crossover at a lower frequency for less localization, and I wanted more sound output. The TSI100 speakers are right about 89 decibel at 2.83 volts/meter which seems right. The TL1 speakers, going by level comparisons, seems to be about 85 or 85.5 Decibels.

The Polk TSI100 sound awesome. Not as bright as many brands and not as dark as many other brands. They're tonally in the middle just like the Infinity Primus P143s are.

So if you are like me, and like your Infinity Primus speakers, the Polk TSI series are an excellent match. The Polk TSI100 speakers sound more like the Infinity Primus P153 speakers than any of the Polk RTI or Signature series speakers even. Makes you wonder if the same sound engineers worked on these speaker lines.

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