Is anyone familar with Triangle Speakers?

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    I have a friend who recently bought a pair of Triangle tower speakers, called something like Zerius. He isn't using them with HT, but paired them with a 2 channel tube amp he built. They sound fantastic. He said that they sell a center channel, but I can't even find their website. The reason I ask is because I like their looks and sound and the wife like the looks as well, so this may clear the way for me to finally get tower (she hates everything, even the look of the Divas). Any comments are welcome.

    Oh, a funny side anecdote. His HT system is Bose.
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    Try searches in the forum for Triangle... I just posted the following:
    Their web site is The U.S. distributor (assuming you're in the states) is as follows:
    Triangle of America
    VMAX Services PO Box 570 CHAZY NY 12921
    Tel : 1 800 771 8279 / 1 514 932 77 86
    Fax : 1 514 931 88 91
    E-mail : [email protected]
    Their website is still under construction. Calling toll free gets the best response (no response when I e-mailed). They were able to tell me about a dealer in San Francisco. It's well worth the effort to seek them out for a demo. Mine are on order(4 more weeks to go!)
    Center channel goes for $495...ya gotta check out the Titus 202's.

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