Internal/External Line Doublers for 60"+ DLP?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Damon Neth, Oct 14, 2005.

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    I recently moved across the country and left my Pioneer Pro-710 HD set with the new owners of my house (too heavy to move at 400 lbs). In our new place, I purchased a Sammy HL-R5067W for our living room. The set looks great, but I am finding the limitations of the source signal (DirecTV or Digital cable) on non-hi def programs to be a little jagged/pixelated. I was definitely spoiled by the internal line doubler on the Pro-710, which smoothed out non-hi def sources very well on the 65" set.

    My question - Does anyone know which 60"+ DLP or LCD rear projection sets are known to have great line doublers? If these are no longer being put in the TV itself, does anyone have a recommendation for an external doubler that is $1,000 or less? Or, what are others doing to improve the look of digital non hi-def sources on big sets?

    I am going to be purchasing a larger TV for the family room and was considering the larger Samsung, Toshiba, or Sony XBR.
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    Gregg Loewen
    hi Damon
    I own a 5067 myself and love it....
    if the scaling is an issue to you...the Lumigen scalers may offer you some value.
    I watched SD all summer long on a Bell ExpressVu HD reciever which was up rezing SD to HD 1080i. I loved it and had absolutely no complaints considering the limited band width of the source.



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