I am combining my new svs with my old...gulp...cerwin vega.

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    Let me say right off the bat that for movies I use the svs only. My cerwin goes down to the high 20's with a pretty sizable boost in the low to mid 30's which is not what I'm looking for when it comes to dvd's. The svs pci 20-39 is everything I will ever want as far as LFE goes.

    However for music I have been doing some experimenting. At first I used solely the svs with the crossover set low which was a huge improvement over the cerwin and thought I would be fine with that. After a few weeks though, I started to get curious about what would happen if I used both subs together. I first tried the svs stacked on top of the LW 15 in the front right corner and the results were terrible until I changed the phase to 180 on the svs and 0 on the cerwin (by the way, I found it very odd that they weren't in phase with each other since they were located in the same spot).

    The results for stacking them once I changed the phase were so so. I was getting more spl than before and I did prefer the sound a little bit more than before, but just barely. It definately did not justify the way the subs looked (especially for my wife). So I figured that the experiment was over... Until I decided to try another option.

    I left the svs in the front right corner and put the cerwin right up next to the end of the couch which is where the sweet spot is. I set the svs crossover on 80 and the cerwin on 50 and then calibrated the subs so that they would be equal in output and then put on some music. FINALLY I found what I have always been searching for, and it is this. I want to be able to hear and FEEL the bass without drowning out the rest of the music. To a certain degree the svs alone did this, but not without turning the volume up very loud and annoying the wife. Oh, the bass did not sound good at all with only using the cerwin next to the couch, it took the combination of the two.

    I realize that what I am doing is probably considered blasphemy on this board, but for the kind of music I listen to (rock/metal) a little boost in the 30 hz range from a very nearby sub has turned out to be nirvana for me.

    So, am I a heretic? Will my membership be revoked shortly before I am burned at the stake? Or worse yet, will Tom and Ron think less of me if they read this?

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    Yes to all three of your questions!!!
    How can you live with such a simplistic attitude of letting your ears be the judge? What is these United States coming to if folks can do things just because they like it? How dare you shake the very foundations of our way of life!
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    We are all looking for sound we like - glad you found this combination. I am even more happy that you aren't estatic with a Bose solution.

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