HTF REVIEW: "National Geographic: The Incredible Human Body" (with screenshots)

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    The Incredible Human Body

    Studio: Warner Brothers
    Year: 2002
    Rated: NR
    Film Length: 60 minutes
    Aspect Ratio: Full Frame

    The amazing inside story of the human machine
    as you've never seen it before!

    One of the things I am going to start doing over
    the next few weeks is to start reviewing Special
    Interest product from the likes of National
    Geographic, Nova and The Discovery Channel. Hopefully
    through these reviews I can help expand the knowledge
    of members of this forum in addition to my own.
    The human body is an amazing machine. With 100
    trillion cells, it is the most amazing piece of
    equipment known to man and one that technology
    cannot duplicate. Like a snowflake, no two bodies
    are exactly alike.
    The Incredible Body is an absolutely amazing
    documentary that opened my eyes to the human
    experience like nothing before. Through personal
    dramas this documentary takes us from the miracle
    of life to the brink of death, exploring the human
    machine via modern technology that lets us peer
    into bodies as we never have before.
    Meet Inez and Daryll who have been trying to have
    children without success. They decided to investigate
    the reasons why they could not have children and
    opted to visit a fertility clinic for help. Thanks to
    advances in reproductive science, the couple is given
    the option of IVF fertilization where sperm and egg
    are artificially joined together to create life. From
    under a microscope we watch as the female egg,
    magnified 400 times, accepts the injected sperm.
    Soon after, cells divide and the progression of life
    begins. The couple now has a more than plausible
    chance of having children.
    But how much power do we have as humans to create
    life? We talk to the man who might have the answer --
    Craig Ventor -- who talks about the 27 million pieces
    of coding known as DNA that he helped crack. There
    is also discussion of the highly controversial stem
    cells and how they can be used to replace worn out
    human body parts.
    Meet Scott -- a 6th grade teacher who has been
    diagnosed with a brain tumor. The only option he
    may have in saving his own life is high risk brain
    surgery. Through MRI renderings and 3D imaging of
    Scott's brain, doctors now have a detailed look
    at the infected area like never before imagined.
    I don't think anyone who watches this DVD will be
    prepared for what happens next. Scott opts for
    the high-risk operation in which his skull will be
    cracked open and complicated surgery will be performed
    on the brain as Scott remains awake throughout.
    His alertness is necessary so that doctors can
    monitor his speech and movement as they cut away
    at brain tissue. One wrong move could permanently
    damage any one of his senses, or leave him paralyzed.
    Warning: This is very graphic.
    To better give us an understanding of how the
    mind works with restoring memory, doctors at the
    University College of London thought no better
    subject than the taxi drivers of London. Anyone
    who knows London can tell you how big and complicated
    it is to get around with one side of the street
    having a different name than the other. Being
    a taxi driver in this city means 2 years of intense
    training that requires applicants to learn all
    the roads and routes as well as places along the
    So how does the brain retain and restore all that
    information? Scientists found an increased amount
    activity in the minds of these taxi drivers --
    most notably, in the Hippocampus area of the
    brain. This shows that with training, the adult
    brain can refashion its anatomy --- actually
    changing the shape of the brain. This new
    discovery gives new hope to Alzheimer patients
    and stroke victims.
    Perhaps the best example of how the mind works
    in conjunction with body can be best explained by
    showing you the players of the NBA, thought to be
    the absolute best athletes in the world. As they
    furiously play their game on court, the mind must
    make split-second decisions at a rate fast enough
    for the body to react. We also learn that we can
    now train the human body to do things that we
    thought could never be achieved. It's this extensive
    training that hardwires the brain.
    How is the transfer?
    Though I don't like to rate educational documentaries
    as if I was rating a theatrical presentation, I can
    tell you that this full-frame transfer is top-notch,
    sharp and detailed, with brilliant colors. It's as
    beautiful as flipping the pages of National
    Geographic magazine.
    The Dolby Digital sound remains quite strong
    across the front speakers, well pronounced with
    no hiss.
    Final Thoughts
    The beauty of watching a documentary like this is
    that you see a world like you have never seen it
    before. There is not anyone who could sit through
    something like this and not have an appreciation
    for their own life. If you are a person looking to
    diversify your collection with something educational,
    there is no better way to do it than with National Geographic.
    Highly recommended!
    Release Date: Now
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    Brian Dobbs
    I've never had the honor of having the second post after one of Ron's reviews, so now's my chance! I'm on cloud 9.

    oh yeah.....the review was great ron!
  3. Dan Lindley

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    Great review. Thanks for noting that it is graphic. Won't pick it up for my five year old just yet. But did just get the IMAX Dream is Alive. Please do more of these types of reviews - very helpful for those with little kids for whom 'cool' subjects like the body, animals, space, etc., should make for some great DVDs.

  4. Sheldon C

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    Thanks Ron, it looks like something I would want to show my 9th grade health class. I'll have to have the school agree to fit the bill of course to avoid any copywright violations. Thanks again for the great review.

    By the way, do you think it is too graphic for 9th graders? If so I suppose I could just chapter ahead??
  5. Jeff Cooper

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    Was I the only one who immediately started lauging out loud at the title "The incredible human body (with screenshots)"?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Ronald Epstein

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    Ronald Epstein

    If the studios keep sending me this kind of
    stuff, I'll be happy to review. I actually enjoy
    reviewing these documentaries more than movies


    The brain surgery sequences are very graphic.
    However, I think that High School students should
    be able to handle it.

    Thanks for the warm responses.
  7. DaViD Boulet

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    LOVE the liscense plate!!!!!!!

    Give me time to customize mine...I think you'll all get a kick out of it when it gets here...

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