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DVD Review HTF Review: Knight Rider - Season One (Recommended!) (1 Viewer)


Stunt Coordinator
Jan 22, 2004
same here...
i like single sided duel layer disks with lables.
to me the Babylon 5 box sets are the best made yet.
i love the book format they used. vary easy to get to the disks with out haveing a table to get to the disks.
use vary little space and looks vary nice.
i take pride in my shows.

and yes i will be buying all of Knight Rider.


Mar 9, 2001

Universal was notorious for recycling footage from their movies and shows. I had recently watched an episode from The Incredible Hulk called "Never Give A Trucker An Even Break" (R2 PAL DVD) which used an unbelievable amount of footage from DUEL, which I just watched tonight (Great DVD, by the way). The entire episode was clearly written around the footage from DUEL. David Banner and a woman are first seen in the truck chasing two men in a red car, then later are in the red car being chased by the two men in the truck. Since the original footage shows only one person (Dennis Weaver) in the car, it's funny to see the plot devices used to hide the fact there's now a passenger in the car. The other person is always crouched down digging for something in the glovebox or backseat. The characters driving in "Hulk" always have light-blue shirts, so they'll match the Dennis Weaver footage from DUEL. They do a good job matching the look of the car and the truck. There are several recycled scenes in "Hulk" that are "zoomed in" to crop out visible characters or objects that would give it away as footage from DUEL (as if it wasn't obvious anyway). The 50-minute episode is probably around 20-minutes (net) if you substract the recycled DUEL footage.

"Hulk", "A-Team", "Knight Rider", "Bionic Woman" and "Six Million Dollar Man" all heavily used recycled footage from each other, as well as from many other Universal movies. Of particular use was footage of explosions, car crashes, fires and other forms of destruction. EARTHQUAKE and HELLFIGHTERS are two Universal films that contain footage used in many of their TV shows, as well as containing stock-footage themselves.


Stunt Coordinator
Jun 17, 2004
I've noticed every time a car goes off a cliff, including K.I.T.T. the scene from "The Car" is used. I've also notice how many vehicles are recycled. The short green dump truck was in Charlie's Angels, produced years before KR. The little red AMC Gremlin has made a couple of appearances in KR so far. Recycled police cars from cop shows are all over the place. The same brown Gran Fury keeps popping up.

Stuff you'd NEVER notice week to week, but back to back episodes will make little things show up. Still a great show and I'm looking forward to season 2. I still like Patricia McPhereson as Bonnie the best of the two techs. :)

Aryn Leroux

Aug 19, 2001
William: are you referring to the avalanche footage to stop the flood ? if that's the part at the time i said to myself that looked familier.

I noticed the same little red car with the starsky and hutch stripe in many episodes.

Also i used to remember it being said Michael Knight the crime-fighter who doesn't use a gun. But in quite a few episodes he had gun in hand, all be it the gun was not his.

I am looking forward to season 2 but i will miss not having Bonnie.

Eric Paddon

Mar 17, 2001
The Hulk episode "747" also uses a ton of footage from "Airport 1975" but no one topped Irwin Allen for reusing feature film footage when he lifted a ton of "Lost World" footage for a "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea" and even had David Hedison wear a totally implausible costume identical to his "Lost World" outfit.

Jeff Jacobson

Senior HTF Member
Dec 24, 2001
My brother was in Best Buy today and saw some kind of sticker on the Knight Rider DVD sets there that mentioned a "bonus disc". Is there a Best Buy exclusive disc for this set?

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