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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by ravikaka, Aug 10, 2004.

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    I am brand new to HT; I just bought a house with the idea of doing a sunroom where the brick patio is. Meanwhile I visited my aunt and uncle; they have a HT; a dedicated HT with the motorized screen; ceiling mounted projector and I got inspired. Now in addition to a sunroom where the patio is I would like to add on to the house basically extend the back left side where guest bedroom and hallway ends to bring it flush with with patio/sunroom. My question is, if you want six to eight seats in a HT how bid do you suggest the room be.
    I have been following the forum since June and I am having ahard time figuring that out. The piece I am thinking of adding on would be rectangle that is 14'x 21'. Will this be big enough or should I be looking at other options. Thanks

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    That should be plenty big for 8 seats, I would think with a good amount of wiggle room. I have been putting a lot of though into this as well lately. I really only responded cause nobody else has yet though. I will also be curious as to what the more experienced have to say on it for sure.
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    I've just started my room addition, it will be 16' x 22' and seat 7. Front row seats 3, back row seats 4 in two love seats.

    I'd suggest that you get some graph paper with the grids on it and draw your room out to scale. Then you can decide for yourself if the room size will meet your needs.

    Here are some formulas for calculating seating distance vs screen size.

    Viewing Distance Calculations Summary
    If you know the viewing distance then you can determine the proper screen size by using this calculation:
    ScreenWidth = (ViewingDistance*.2679)*2 = 30 degree viewing angle per SMPTE recommendations
    ScreenWidth = (ViewingDistance*.3249)*2 = 36 degree viewing angle per THX recommendations

    If you know the ScreenSize then you can determine the proper viewing distance by using this calculation:
    ViewingDistance = ((ScreenWidth/2)/.2679) = 30 degree viewing angle per SMPTE recommendations
    ViewingDistance = ((ScreenWidth/2)/.3249) = 36 degree viewing angle per THX recommendations

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