How To Build A Video Recording Studio On The Cheap?

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Ronald Epstein, Jul 6, 2014.

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    Ronald Epstein
    Hoping HTF members with various knowledge of audio and lighting can chime
    in on different aspects of what I need....

    I have been spending the last few days doing product reviews. The YouTube
    videos that I have put together have been done primarily in my living room or
    home theater room.

    Not the most professional way to put our image forward.

    Got to thinking....


    I could actually build a makeshift broadcast station in my basement to record
    our product reviews.

    I already have a green screen that could easily be taped/nailed to the wall. I could
    place backdrops into that area during video editing.

    I already have a hi-def camcorder with tripod.

    Here are the things I suspect I will need....

    1. A really good microphone that can be inserted on a boom and then placed
    outside of frame. Don't mind paying extra for a good, studio quality microphone that can
    pick up audio from above and provides decent audio. It should have the ability
    to plug into the camcorder (1/8" connector, I believe)

    2. Umbrella lighting. I know very little about it, but I do know I need good lighting
    and some filtration so that it doesn't come across as very hot.

    Perhaps there are other things I should be adding that are not occurring to me
    at the moment.

    I do all my recording directly to my HD camcorder then transfer it to my Mac via iMovie.

    From there I do all the editing.

    I do have access to Final Cut Pro, but I find myself intimidated by it as it looks a bit
    more complicated to use.

    I am willing to pay about $500 or less for a decent setup. So, any extra things you
    want to add to the list of what I'll need would be most appreciated.

    Would even consider a kit that includes another green screen cloth, stand and lighting
    (like pictured above) if it's of decent quality. A lot of stuff being sold on Amazon are getting
    a variety of mixed reviews. I know you get what you pay for.

    Thanks, in advance, for the assistance.
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    Sam Posten
    $500 might be way under budget, especially with lighting. Lighting is not cheap. I use strobes in my basement (Alienbees) so I can't help you with constant lighting sources.

    Starter Mic recommendation, Blue Yeti:

    Use FCPX. It's worth the learning curve. Anything less and you will be bumping up against the limitations. Premiere might be worth it these days, dunno but it's expensive for the full deal cloud subscription.

    This is the three way roller I use, I have white, black and greenscreen backgrounds on demand. I wish my ceiling was 1 foot taller and I have a huge ceiling!

    I use heavy clamps to keep the vinyl from unravelling. If I was to do it again I might just go with paper. It's heavy!

    [​IMG]Studio by Kadath, on Flickr

    Couple pics from the setup. Again this is for stills not for studio, but could be used for that once I start my internet talk show (mostly kidding, you never know tho!)
    [​IMG]13-Studio-9599-2 by Kadath, on Flickr

    [​IMG]14-DPMS-TAC2-Studio-6732 by Kadath, on Flickr

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