is having its "BIG SALE" event

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    Although they usually have terrible prices, this sale isn't too bad.
    For example:
    Along Came A Spider/ Wds - Cdn$19.99 (US$13.15)
    American Outlaws/ Wds - Cdn$21.99 (US$14.47)
    Americas Sweethearts/ Wds - Cdn$19.99 (US$13.15)
    Angel Eyes/ Wds - Cdn$17.99 (US$11.84)
    Baby Boy/ Special Edition/ Wds - Cdn$19.99 (US$13.15)
    Beverly Hills Cop/ Special Edition/ Wds - Cdn$19.99 (US$13.15)
    Bill & Teds Bogus Journey/ Wds - Cdn$13.99 (US$9.21)
    Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure/ Wds - Cdn$13.99 (US$9.21)
    Cats & Dogs - Cdn$17.99 (US$11.84)
    Charlies Angels/ Special Edition/ Wds - Cdn$17.99 (US$11.84)
    Contact/ Special Edition/ Wds - Cdn$14.99 (US$9.86)
    Doctor Zhivago/ Wds/ 2dvd - Cdn$19.99 (US$13.15)
    Drowned World Tour - Cdn$20.99 (US$13.81)
    Forrest Gump/ Special Collectors Edition/ Wds/ 2dvd - Cdn$19.99 (US$13.15)
    Ginger Snaps/ Wds - Cdn$19.99 (US$13.15)
    Hannibal/ Special Edition/ Wds/ 2dvd - Cdn$19.99 (US$13.15)
    Heartbreakers/ Wds - Cdn$17.99 (US$11.84)
    LA Confidential/ Wds - Cdn$16.99 (US$11.18)
    Legally Blonde/ Special Edition/ Wds - Cdn$22.99 (US$15.13)
    Matrix/ Revisited - Cdn$14.99 (US$9.86)
    Osmosis Jones/ Wds - Cdn$17.99 (US$11.84)
    Patriot/ Special Edition/ Wds - Cdn$17.99 (US$11.84)
    Pearl Harbor/ Beyond The Movie/ 60th Anniversary/ 2pack Gift Set - Cdn$29.99 (US$19.73)
    Rain Man/ Wds - Cdn$13.99 (US$9.21)
    Robocop/ Wds - Cdn$14.99 (US$9.86)
    Silence Of The Lambs/ Special Edition/ Wds - Cdn$17.99 (US$11.84)
    Sixth Sense/ Wds - Cdn$17.99 (US$11.84)
    Unbreakable/ Wds/ 2dvd - Cdn$19.99 (US$13.15)
    Wedding Planner/ Wds - Cdn$17.99 (US$11.84)
    What Women Want/ Wds - Cdn$18.99 (US$12.50)

    Here's the link:
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    Mar 9, 2002
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    dont forget that the $15.00 discount applies to orders over $80 (CND). I just ordered Sopranos Season 2 for $53.00 (US) Shipped!!! what a steal!

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