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    I think I've narrowed down my choices of what HD RPTV I want to buy. It has come down to either the Hitachi 53SWX10B (or 12B, not yet sure of the difference) or the Mitsubishi WS55819.

    A question that has come to mind as I do my research is: How do lines of resolution affect picture quality?

    I understand HD is 1080i (correct?). Both the Hitachi and the Mitsubishi models I've mentioned have 1200 lines of reolution. Another model I had considered was the Panasonic PT-56WX51, but it only has 850 lines of resolution. I had also considered the Sony KP-57HW40, the Pioneer SD-533HD5, and the Toshiba 57H81 (or 57HX81). I haven't been able to find out the lines of resolution on these latter sets.

    I also understand some TVs have more "guns" than others. (I'm not exactly sure what that term means except I think it has something to do with the part of the TV that projects the image.) I believe the Mits has 4 guns and the Hit has 5 or 6 guns. How about the other models I mentioned?

    Can someone knowledgeable on both the Hitachi and Mitsubishi models mentioned give me some insight?

    Thanks again!

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    A CRT-based RPTV will only have three CRTs--red, green, and blue; that's the only way it can work.

    And the 7-inch CRTs in most RPTVs cannot resolve the full 1080 interlaced scanning lines. Only 9-inch CRTs can do that.

    There's no accepted standard for measuring lines of resolution, and so I do not pay much attention to the manufacturers' claims in that area.
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    Michael Chen

    I should note that Panasonic's horizontal resolution spec of 850 lines is based on the proper way of reporting this information. It is 850 lines per picture height ... aka a square. Take that 850 ... x 1.78 = 1513 lines.

    This is what their screen width spec would be. All the other manufacturers report screen width resolution specs.

    Now having said all that ... take it all with a big grain of salt because none of these RPTV's can resolve much more than 1200 lines of the 1920 lines from the full HDTV signal. They are all in the range of 1000 to 1200 lines regardless of what you read.

    The 9" Crt RPTV's are still well under 1500 lines ...


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