Got the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert DVD tonite...

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dave Mack, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. Dave Mack

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    Audio... GREAT! Content... GREAT!!!
    Documentary... GREAT!!
    2 BIG issues! 1) only 2nd half of Concert... I knew this before but it is a shame of course as The EXTREME set was phenomenal... oh well, most likely a "rights" issue...
    2) Cropped to 16x9 from 4x3. This is as bad as the reverse. I hope this does not stay standard for all future Queen DVD's... Pic. quality pf concert actually looks better on the documentary clips which are 4x3. I have a Mits. 55908 16x9 Diamond and I tell you, they did a decent job, but the resolution just doesn't cut it in the long (crowd) shots. Looks soft as hell. I would rather have it in OAR.
    Apparently this release (and Greatest Hits 1) are being released primarily with England in mind, (This was out there many months ago) and like with The Queen's jubille concert, they don't mind 16x9, it is becoming the norm there faster than America. Also, PAL has 540 lines of resolution as oppossed to our 480, so maybe it looks sharper there. I just wish, 1) It was the complete concert, and 2) It was OAR. Also, the 2nd 1/2 is edited. They cut out Robert Plant doing "Innuendo". I know, (cos I taped it off TV) that it was disastrous, but still, since they dubbed Roger Daltry's "I want it all" ...
    Anyway, if you are a fan, a "must" purchase, I just wish we Queen fans wouldn't have to keep settling...
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    It's been said by various officials that all future Queen DVD's will be 16:9, that it was "unavoidable" (whatever that means.) Personally it doesn't bother me however I do find it unecessary.

    Anyway, glad you got the DVD though. I've had mine for months now (bought the region free NTSC version from Queen's web site when it came out.)

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