Hillbillies/Happy Days

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    this is just how life works. and all one has to do to understand what is going on, is to simply look at how things have been working, already. examine the history of dvd releases. you can accept or deny the following.

    i am mr. big studio (mbs). i own all sorts of material. i want as much money from you as i can get. so i release as1 (show a, season 1). and i release bs1, cs1, etc. i have so much stuff, that i am very busy releasing stuff.

    i can easily afford to wait until all the last bits of season buyer monies come in, since i really cant keep up with my huge inventory. when the last trickles come in on as1, i will release as2, when i have the time.

    now when such time comes that all seasons of a have been released, and been out for awhile, such that i have got all the individual season dollars i can get - then i release a complete series, usually with a few extras, and almost always a lot cheaper than the combined individual seasons were.

    in the meantime, i have a few people groveling on their knees for me to release stuff. and i kinda like being a big shot and see said people grovel. since i am in complete control.

    if we fight back, we may just get studios giving us a good product. the fugitive is a perfect example.

    i hope cbs continues to put out quality products of complete series.

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