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  1. Jonathan Trueh

    Jul 11, 2000
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    I got my first glimpse of HD content and had mixed emotions about it. So I like to ask some questions to make sure I doing everything right. First off all here is the equipment I am using. Toshiba 50HX81 and Samsung T150 HDTV decoder.
    Now I'm not complaining about the equipment because I'm still bouncing off the walls and can't believe I finally got this setup. I'm pretty sure my connections are right because I did get a signal. I do live in an apartment so it took some time to get a signal, but when I did it lock in. Nothing at full strength though. I live between Baltimore and DC so I should have an array of HD channels to chose from. I could only pick up 3 stations. I have a generic VHF/UHF antenna hooked up to the T150 with a built in amplifier. Here are my questions.
    1. Will higher quality component cables make a difference in the picture? I know it does for DVD. Right now I'm using the cables that came with the T150. If I need better cable what do you guys recommend for HD?
    2. What setting should I use to watch HD? I'm using Component input 2, should the settings mimic my DVD settings on Component input 1?
    3. Should I always set the STB to 1080I or should I change it based on the programming?
    4. Since I can only pick up about 3-4 stations, do I need to change my antenna? Like I said above it's generic with rabbit ears and a loop for UHF.
    Thanks for the help.
  2. Glenn Overholt

    Glenn Overholt Producer

    Mar 24, 1999
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    I think everybody else is 'off' this week, but as for number 4 - - -
    I've got half a dozen stations available about 5 miles away. With an indoor loop, I could get some of them but they broke up a lot.
    I went out and got the Radio Shack double bow tie for $16. Was much better but the strength only hit a couple of bars on my 150. (I have a building in my way).
    My next stop was the roof (single story/flat). I got a channelmaster 3010 Stealth for $35. Now I am getting all of them at about 50%, and all is well.
    Your best bet is to go to and put in your address. They have alternative antennas available but you'll get a much better idea of your position.
    As for nos. 1 - 3, I'd like to know those answers too.
  3. James FT

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    Mar 26, 2001
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    The answer to # 2 is the the component video should be the same as the dvd player.I have last years toshiba 56H80 and I believe there are two sets of ports for component video
    The answer to #3 is leave it set at 1080i because your set only produces 1081i it will upoconvert the 720p to 1080i,I understand there are very few sets now made that accept 720,which is ABC HD format
    It is unfortunate you can not get onto to satellite because that's were all the HD material is located.
    Bell expressvu,dish and directv.
    You may wish to surf their websites to see the programming they offer. I have heard a lot of raves of HDnet which is a sports package on directv
    I am certain you will enjoy the HD pictures now that CBS and ABC primetime now are all HD

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