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Help! Why is my TV dropping red? (1 Viewer)

Brook K

Senior HTF Member
Feb 22, 2000
I bought a Tosh 57h84 back in late July. I have no problems at all watching cable, either SD or HD. But while watching DVD's periodically all the red will drop out of the picture, making it look like I'm watching through a green filter.

At first I thought it was because my DVD player was going bad. I'd had the player for 6 years and it was starting to run very hot. I switched it out for another older player but the same problem would show up. I recently got one of the new Zenith DVB318's and the first few times I watched something, the picture was normal so I thought problem solved, but it has started happening again.

It is very inconsistent in how the red dropping occurs. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all and it seems to happen less if I've had the TV on for an hour or two before I start watching a DVD. Sometimes it will only happen for a second or two, than switch back to normal, and never pop up again. But sometimes it will happen over and over, or it will happen and won't go back to normal color. Than if I turn off the DVD player and turn it back on, it will go back to normal. Sometimes that fixes it for the rest of the DVD, sometimes not.

This can't be the DVD player since it has shown up on 3 different players. It seems weird to me that it would be the TV since it doesn't do this at all when watching cable. I guess it might be possible I have some bad component cables, but I bought some AR cables new when I got the TV.

The only other thing I can think of is that maybe I damaged one of the component inputs when I was hooking up the TV. The AR cable was very tight and hard to connect and I may have pushed too hard trying to get it connected to the TV?

Anyone have any ideas? Is this something that calibration could fix? I was planning on having it done anyway.

John S

Senior HTF Member
Nov 4, 2003
Try the cables, that is the most common cause of one of the major colors completely dropping out.

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