Help! Total System Shutdown in Satellite TV Mode

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Kevin Trainor, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. Kevin Trainor

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    Jun 28, 2004
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    Someone please help me out with a very frustrating problem. While in Satellite TV mode my entire system powers down appx. every 1/2 hour. The satellite receiver is a Samsung SIR-TS360 (HD Receiver). System shutdown only occurs while in Satellite mode....DVD viewing is uninterrupted. My satellite receiver is hooked up to an InFocus Screenplay 5700 via the DVI/MD1A connector, and a Denon AVR 3805 receiver. Controlling the entire system is a Crestron AV2 Audio/Video Control Processor and STX 1700 touch pad. All components are plugged into a Panamax Max 5100 which is hooked into a 20 amp dedicated line. I should also mention that the lights are controlled via X-10 Powerhouse light control.

    Powering the the front 3 channels is an Anthem MCA 30. Speakers are Def Tech BP 7001s, BP3000, and BPX surrounds (4).

    I disconnected the Samsung receiver and hooked up to another TV in the house and it performs fine. I'm at a real loss for a solution especially when the Sat receiver was isolated and performed fine.
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    A rather common problem is having a small strand of speaker wire sticking out causing a short. Then, during loud passages on that speaker, too much current is drawn and the reciever goes into protect/overload mode and shuts down.

    So check your speaker wires.

    the other question: "My entire system powers down" . Does this mean every component shuts itself off or do they all loose power? Try this: plug a electric clock into the Panamax and set the time. Get the system to 'power down' while watching the satellite. Does the clock go off? If so, the Panamax is causing you grief.

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