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Please help - Need advice on a home theater system. (1 Viewer)


Aug 20, 2017
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I have a nice size room with vaulted ceilings.
I need a relatively concealed 3.1 home theater/ surround system.

This isn’t a main/ intended theater room but I have a nice 75 inch QLED HDTV coming and wanted a really nice sound system to go with. System is mostly for TV/ movies but also music. I don’t have right room to conceal the wiring for rear satellite speakers (i.e. for 5 or 7.1) unless they are small and wireless… is why I am going for 3.1… and the front speakers need to be “in-wall.”

This is what I’ve come up with so far:
Receiver: Marantz SR5012 ($1000)
In-Wall speaker: Martin Logan Axis High-Performance ($850) x2
Center channel: MartinLogan Motion 50XT ($900)
Subwoofer: MartinLogan – Dynamo 700W 10” ($700)

I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING but I have a little money to spend – BUT don’t want to waste my money either. This is just what I’ve come up via reviews, research, etc. I was going through BestBuy initially but I have deviated from their recommendations a bit.

It would be a bigger dream to have rear satellite speakers (5.1 or 7.1) if possible.

I am very interested in the Bose Virtually Invisible 300 Wireless Surround Speakers but I don’t know if they are proprietary to Bose or if they will even work with what I have. Please advise if or if not…
If the Bose won’t work – Is there anything that I can use for satellite/ rear speakers that are small and wireless?

Also, which Blu-ray should I get?
ANY advice on this matter is greatly appreciated.
I want a really nice system within the price range that I’m already working with.


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I always ask. Why does it HAVE to be in-wall speakers? You eliminate 98% of your options and create infinite more obstacles, when a couple shelves could be installed for bookshelf speakers.

If you want a GOOD blu-ray player, get the basic Oppo, otherwise, I've found there isn't much difference.

Remember, wireless speakers still need power, so they're not truly wireless.


I would consider either as a DIY or hire an electrician or journeyman to hard-wire your speakers, in-wall or not. While it's good to have directional control of where the speakers are pointing... you can get away with in-wall speakers if they are sufficient for the acoustics of the room. I'd stay away from wireless speakers, as you're either going to be perpetually re-charging them (until the battery eventually dies and refuses to charge any more), or they will have a cord draping down to the outlet... so "wireless" speakers are all junk, even if by Bose.

But the overall room acoustics... that is the single-most important factor here. Wall types/coverings. Floor type. It all matters tremendously. I just finished building a dedicated home theater that has cathedral ceilings. 450 sq ft. I painted walls dark charcoal, added star lights, and chose the right carpeting for maximum sound benefit. Also spent a large amount on real velvet (the heavy kind) curtains to go all around the room. Just like a real theater.

The difference in sound (and ambient light) is incredible and very noticeable. You will thank yourself if you do this! Otherwise, you won't know what you are missing unless you compare your room to an actual movie theater. If you can't get any sound-absorbing curtains, think about acoustic panels somewhere in the room, hidden behind pictures or hanging from that ceiling.


Aug 20, 2017
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That sounds great, but its not practical to go all out and put up acoustic panels, etc. in this room. I have a theater room also that I will set up in the future. This room though is my common area, etc. and I just wanted to get something in there that sounds really good for what it is. I have someone else trying to get me to go the Sonos route. Not sure what to do and I don't know where to find someone that knows this stuff and is willing to go to my house and figure out my best plan. I appreciate your input though

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