HELP! Room size/light sourse Runco Plasma vs. 100" Projector

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    Hope someone can help reasonalbly quickly. As part of a bigger media automation package I am working on for a home I am redoing, I am putting a large TV into my bedroom. This will not be the primary place that I view movies etc. Viewing distance from my bed to the wall is 24 feet. I will be watching this TV mostly at night and mostly as a secondary activity (ie while on computer, while reading etc).

    I have been reviewing proposals from two specialists and have a bit of a conflict that I need to have some information about before I can proceed. The choices seem to be whether I can use a 60" plasma or need to go to 100" projector due to viewing distance. The second issue is whether all ambient light from windows needs to be blocked out in order to view the 100" screen if I choose to go that way.

    My first question is whether a 60" Runco Plasma on the wall will be too far for viewing comfortably.

    My second question is whether a Digital Projexction Systems 6000SX Projector and Faroudja Native Rate Video Processor projected on 100" motorized screen is bright enough (or whatever it needs to be) in order to be viewed with some ambient light coming through windows during the daytime.

    I am just reading the numbers and equipment off the proposal sheets that I have and am not that technical-- so would appreciate it if the answer came in a form that a newbie could understand.

    Als0, if you think that this should be posted elsewhere in order to get appropriate responses, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to provide.

    Jan B
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    Even on a relatively large distance like 24', a 60" ought to be enough for non-primary viewing. And I reckon the price will generally decide in case of a secondary viewing solution, which suggests the 60" too. A projection screen - did you really mean front projection? - looks even a bit unwise if you want to be able to do something else too. Certainly if that something else needs proper lighting.
    Of course, I know nothing of your viewing habits, quality of your eyes, what you expect from a "casual" look, and so on [​IMG].
    So, to be certain, go to a retailer shop, find a 60" screen, move yourself 24' away - and judge if that's acceptable in your circumstances.

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