Help! More Speaker Leveling questions - Sony STR-DA5ES

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  1. Thomas Molnar

    Jun 27, 2002
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    Thanks for all of your responses so far. I tried to level my speakers yesterday using Aria. I had the master volume at 0 db. Is this a mistake? I ask because when I set the center channel level and the surrounds level at 85 db on my radio shack sound level meter, the center channel was barely audible when I threw in a DVD. What gives? Does the master volume need to be at a certain db prior to starting the leveling process? Also, I didnt see any level option for the front speakers. Please help. Thanks!
    Did I use the wrong noise on the Aria DVD?

  2. Dan Joy

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    Dec 8, 2001
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    turn receiver on, put avia in and go to front speaker adjustment on avia. While on left or right front adjust Sony volume until spl reading of 85db. Then go to center channel noise on avia. Press level on Sony front panel or remote and adjust center level to 85db. Do this for all speakers. For sub, there is a whole section. Make sure your front speakers are set to small. Do a search on Avia in this forum and you will have hours of reading enjoyment.
    Make sure that you have your DA5ES set up correctly. Go through the manual and the setup very carefully. The DA5ES is a tweaking dream, but one wrong setting can give disastrous results.
    Make sure the blue multichannel light is on. If it is not, you must check your digital connection to the DA5ES, your dvd players menu to make sure that is proper, and your assigned digital connection on the Sony menu.
    CAREFULLY read your menu, the DA5ES is not a good manual in my opinion and it took several readings to figure out what I was doing.
    Good luck!

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