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HellRaiser 1&2 Tin/Evil Dead 2 Tin/Halloween 5 Tin/Akira Tin/Total Recal Tin/Joe Dirt (1 Viewer)


Jun 28, 2001
This is what I got up for grabes and for trade.USA ONly and im willing to sell them but I wont list prices because everyone will just give me a bunch of crap bout them so if u want something shoot me an offer and include Priroty shipping in the price.Thankx

My Current List
1-The Crow Collectors Series Box Set DTS $80.00
2-The Simpsons Season 1 Box Set $30.00
3-Akira Limited Edition Tin OOP $65.00
4-Hellraiser 1&2 Limited Edition Tin OOP $70.00
5-Evil Dead 2 Limited Edition Tin OOP $55.00
6-Total Recal Limited Edition Tin $25.00
7-Halloween 5 Limited Edition Tin OOP $55.00
8-Halloween 2 $20.00
9-Halloween 4 $20.00
10-Joe Dirt $22.00
11-The Forsakin $22.00
12-End of Days Collectors Edition $20.00
13-Meet the Parents Collectors Edition DTS $20.00
14-Seven Platnium Series 2 DVD Set DTS $25.00
15-What Women want $20.00
16-The Little Mermaid Limited Issue $30.00
17-Roadtrip DTS $20.00
18-Stir of Echoes $20.00
19-Terminator The Ultimate Edition 2 DVD Set DTS $30.00
20-The Bride of chucky $20.00
21-The Relic $20.00
22-Hollow Man SPecial Edition $20.00

My Dvd Want List # means most wanted titles
1-Nightmare on Elmstreet Collection Box Set #
2-The Alien Legacy Box Set #
3-The Classic Monsters Collection Box Set #
4-The Die Hard Ultimate Edition Box Set #
5-The Scream Ultimate Collection Box Set
6-From Dusk Till Dawn Collection Box Set
7-The Oliver Stone Collection Box Set #
8-The Stanly Kubric Collection Box Set #
9-The Omen Collection Box Set #
10-James Bond Box Sets[Any of them] #
11-X-Files Season 1 Box Set #
12-X-Files Season 2 Box Set #
13-X-Files Season 3 Box Set #
14-X-Files Season 4 Box Set #
15-Simpsons Season 1 Collection Box Set ----------GOT IT
16-ToyStory The Ultimate ToyBox #
17-The BatMan Legacy Box Set #
18-The Lethal Weapon Legacy Box Set #
19-Spawn The Ultimate Collection Box Set[Anime] #
20-SouthPark Seasons Box Sets[Any of them]
21-The Eddy Murphy Collection Box Set
22-The Adam Sandler Collection Box Set
23-Maniac Limited Edition Tin #
24-RepoMan Limited Edition Tin #
25-Hellraiser 1/2 Limited Edition Tin --------------GOT IT
26-WickerMan Limited Edition with Wooden Box #
27-Manhunter Limited Edition 2 DVD Set
28-Silence of the lambs Special Edition[Widescreen]
29-Hannibal Special Edition 2 DVD Set
30-A Knights Tale #
31-The Forsakin --------------------------------GOT IT
32-Along Came a Spider #
33-The Mummy Returns Collectors Edition[Widescreen]
34-Exit Wounds #
35-The Ladies Man #
36-The Family Man #
37-Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Mennice #
38-Rush Hour 2
39-Scary Movie
40-Scary Movie 2 #
41-Final Fantasy The Spirits Within #
43-Joe Dirt -------------------------------GOT IT
44-The Fast and the Furious #
45-The Grinch[Jim Carry Verson] #
46-X-Files The Movie[Fight the Future]
47-Jurassic Park 3 #
48-The 6th Day
49-End of Days Collectors Edition ----------------GOT IT
50-Lake Placid #
51-Showgirls NC-17 #
52-The House 1/2#
53-Angel Eyes #
54-Senseless #
57-The Man who knew to little
58-The Puppet Master Collection Box Set #
59-Any of the Haloween Movies Except for 5 ,4&2 #
61-The Bride of Chucky -------------GOT IT
62-SlapShot[Classic Hockey Comedy] #
63-Chasing Amy Criterion Collection
64-Robocop Criterion Collection
65-Rushmore Criterion Collection #
66-Armageddan Criterion Collection
67-The Rock Criterion Collection
68-Blood for Dracula Criterion Collection #
69-Brazil Criterion Collection
70-Time Bandits Criterion Collection
71-Terminator Special Edition
72-American Pie 2 #
73-American Pie The Ultimate Edition [Unrated] #
74-The Emperrors New Groove The Ultimate Edition #
75-Lost Souls
76-Dark City New Line Platnium Series
77-Ghost in the Shell[Anime] #
78-Vampire hunter D[Anime] #
79-Other Anime Titles
80-Other Box Sets
81-Miss Congeinality[Sandra Bullcok movie]
82-Hollow Man
83-The Princess Bride Special Edition #
84-The Gift #
85-Enemy at the gates
86-Porn's[I prefer Amature stuff such as Hustler]
87-The Mexican
88-The Relic --------------GOT IT
89-The Pelican Breif
90-The SuperMan Collection Box Set
91-Blood the Last Vampire[Anime] #
92-Haloween Limited Edition 2 disc set #
93-Army of Darkness Limited edition 2 disc set #
94-Army of darkness 2
95-Evil Dead 1
96-Tomb Raider #
97-Freddy Got Fingured #
98-Metaclia Cunning Stunts
99-Metaclia S&M
100-Creed Concert
101-Bon Jovi Crush Tour Concert
102-Alice in chains Unpluged concert
103-Dogma Special Edition #
104-Fight club Special Edition #
My Misc Want List
1-Sega Dreamcast Games
2-Sega Dreamcast Memory Cards
3-Sega Dreamcast Controler
4-Other Dreamcast Accesories
5-Cd-Rw Drive #
6-LaserLight Mouse or Wireless Mouse and Wireless Keyboard
7-Sony Playstation 2 with games #
8-Game Boy Advance with games #
9-17-19 inch Computer Monitor#

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Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
If you're selling, you must list prices.
Please list prices or I will delete the topic.
AIM: VinceMaskeeper
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Jun 28, 2001
Man thats stupid.You people whine and complain when I do list prices and I get nasty emails saying im a bad person cuz I ask to much for my dvds and then I try to save a fight from happening since people think I ask to much.And now u want me to list prices ? Well fine but if I get any more nasty emails bout my prices dont ask me to me a nice guy bout it !!!!!!!! If u dont like my prices dont email me and cry bout it just simply look elsewhere cuz I aint taking no crap bout it this time around.Thank you.And by the way on my OOP titles I cant list a price cuz thats kinda hard to do on a rare item.


Jun 28, 2001
Bump.And all prices can be discusssed with a buyer.Maybe I can lower them a little bit if someone is interested.

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