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    I am looking to get a 16x9 set. Some say HDTV ready others say upgradeable. I understand the ones that say ready have the HDTV decoder built in. But, what should I be looking for in a set? And do I have to get a satellite dish to receive the signals or can I get it through my cable?
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    Any set that says HD-Ready does not have a decoder built-in. You will need to purchase a stb to decode the signal. Panasonic, Toshiba, RCA, Samsung and DISH sell decoders. Doing a search will yield much information of these units.
    In NJ, HD signals through cable isn't a reality yet. Cablevision has been saying for eons now that they will offer this service when all of their cable plant is upgraded. You should note that this will happen with a cable box that will more than likely have a digital interface, not component, which is what most digital sets have today.

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