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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Chris Moreau, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. Chris Moreau

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    Feb 23, 1999
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    During the last few months when I've logged onto the site I've had to go on a search mission to find the HDTV forum. It appears that the moderators cannot decide if a separate forum is needed for HD or not. I strongly feel that one, or two, are needed. At the very least, there should be a general one that includes questions about both HDTV hardware and programming, but, better yet, a forum for each would be great. At this point in the technology, most people who are talking about HD programming are discussing the quality of what's available, and are probably not concerned with what Marge said to Bart on last night's Simpsons episode, so mixing in HD issues with normal television programming doesn't quite work at this time.

    I'm quite aware that AVSForum has a wonderful HDTV section, and I visit it often. However, I was member of Hometheater Forum long before AVS, and I still like to check it out first.
  2. Vince Maskeeper

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    I'm sure you noticed that the HTF had become a nightmare of niche areas, dozens of small interest topic areas, making navigation nearly impossible. Although I understand your desire to have your interests broken down into exclusive/small focus forums, it just doesn't make sense in the overall scope of this forum.
    I personally own a Front Projector and like the idea of a seperate area here on the HTF-- however I'm realistic in knowing that such a section would be very very small here on the HTF. By breaking off FPTV into a seperate section, you actually HURT particicpation as the smaller/lower traffic topics tend to be ignored by the majority of regular visitos.
    The HDTV area was very low traffic in the overall scheme of things here on the HTF. Moreso, 99% of posts in HDTV related to either Hardware (the majority of which would easily be handled by the Hardware-Displays area) and programming (Which fits fine into the TV area).
    The HDTV content was essentially redundant to existing forums- and a niche forum just wasn't necessary based upon the traffic levels. Many of the questions posed in HDTV would have been better answered in a more general forum anyway, as much of it was general hardware issues that could be answered by several members who never bothered with the low traffic of the HDTV area.
    The HTF is not AVS- avs has a different membership and different priorities and different scope. I love AVS, and it's nice to see that each major forum (HTF, HTT, AVS, Hometheaterspot, DVDtalk) can all coexist and have their own strengths and concentrations.
    The bottom line is that this forum needed to be condensed- having 20+ areas specifically for hardware was complete overkill (especially since many of them overlapped in scope, causing confusion on where to post).
    I think HDTV related hardware questions will benefit GREATLY from being in a higher traffic area like DISPLAYS. You will probably see much of the info in Displays being related to HDTV capible equipment (as was true in the past in the RPTV area- which overlapped with HDTV in scope).
    If the time comes in the future where DISPLAYS is overrun by HDTV related traffic, we will consider splitting it again. But for now, 10-15 new posts per day doesn't warrant having an entire area dedicated to it... let alone two. Again, I love my front projector- but am more than able to check the couple pages in Displays for FPTV topics rather than creating yet another low traffic splinter of the HTF...
    It simply comes down to striking a balance between having big general areas with waaaaaay too much traffic and breaking it up into a million tiny subgroups that will have little interest. These are the two extremes, and we've tried to fall somewhere in the middle.
    The staff worked quite hard to figure out how to best keep subcategories, without creating niche graveyards that end up actually hurting the involvement on a specific topic. The forum can't please everyone, and smaller interest topics are going to have to deal with their content being in a broader context- even if they feel it is conceptually set apart.
    Hope you understand
    PS: If you think the TV area is just for "What bart said to Marge", I think you're mistaken.
    But, even if that is currently the case- posts about HDTV programming now belong there. If there is all the interest you allude to in your post- then the general tone of TV will be changing to include all the many posters talking about HDTV content.
  3. Ronald Epstein

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    Ronald Epstein
    At this point, I need to make something

    very clear.

    We have made the decision on the subdvision

    of this forum.

    What you see is pretty much the final product.

    While we understand we cater to everyone's

    individual needs in this forum, we hope you

    understand that we did what we felt was the

    best for everyone.

    Therefore, we ask that all suggestions about

    changes cease. We are not asking for suggestions

    at this point, and frankly, criticism will not

    change a thing.

    We hope all of us can move forward and perhaps

    those who are unhappy with the new subdvisions

    may one day not dislike them as much as they think

    they do now.

  4. Chris Moreau

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    Feb 23, 1999
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    Jeeze, Ron, I certainly didn't mean to offend you, and it sounds like you were. I was just letting you know that I missed the HDTV forum, that's all. Maybe one day there'll be a greater need for one, and you'll reconsider.



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