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    I just installed a seconde dish pointing to 61.5 to get the HD feed. The first DN moron told me that I could use 2 swithc 21's to get the HD feeds into my current line. However, this does not work. Another guy told me that I need to get a switch 64. I would prefer not to pay $140 for that switch. My questions are:
    1. Is there any way I can cionnect the 61.5 feed into my Dish 500 without loosing the 119 or 110 feed? Is there a way to do it with just loosing the 110 feed as I do not have any channels from that feed and replacing it with the 61.5 feed?
    2. If I do have to get another switch, is there anyone that either seels them cheaper than $140 or someone who makes a generic one for sale?
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    If you have a Twin LNB on your Dish500, then you can use the SW21 switches. If you have 2 dual LNBs, then you need the SW64, or the SW44/SW21 combo or SW21s to combine 119 and 61.5.

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