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Advice Please: Replacing Dish and also allowing remote access from overseas (1 Viewer)


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Feb 7, 2016
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I will start by explaining what I currently have.

I have a home in the US and the UK.

In the US, I have a Dish satellite and receiver with an additional Joey box in the master bedroom.

My internet is with Spectrum and attached to that is a PC and Synology NAS.

I only use the Synology for storage although I am automatically synronising a few folders with my Synology in the UK.

When I am not visiting the US; I am recording very little on the Dish PVR but I am doing daily episodes of several series like The People's Court, Hot Bench, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

In the UK I access the Dish PVR remotely over the Internet using the DishAnywhere app on my Amazon Firestick which allows me to stream anything I have recorded. I am also recording the output from my Firestick using a Cloner Aliance capture box.

This works reasonably well except for the fact that for several months due to a carriage dispute; Dish have dropped a number of channels including CBS which is what Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are broadcast on.
I've managed to get the episodes off Youtube but the quality is exceedingly variable.

Travel restrictions and lockdowns have meant that I haven't actually visited my home in the US for over two years although I am planning to return in May.

Paying well over $200 a month seems ridiculous for what I am doing so I thought I'd see if there was an alternative thing I could do.

Obviously the first step will be to get a decent digital antenna.

Some options I have been looking at are:

Option 1

Tivo Edge for Antenna

This does seem to imply that I can stream the content from anywhere although it does mention that some content can only be streamed if I am on the same network. I would imagine the type of shows I am interested in would be fine but I'm not sure what sort of shows would be affected by this restriction.

Although it talks about streaming devices; I am not sure if it would work on a Firestick but presumably it would work fine if I were to get a Tivo Stream 4K device.

Option 2

HDHomeRun (Flex Duo or Scribe4K)
This seems quite interesting. It would certainly seem to function as a PVR but there is no remote access.

The recordings are capable of being stored on a PC so I might just be able to copy them to my Synology NAS from there and they will automatically be uploaded and synchronized to the UK.

An alternative would be to use Plex Server which would transcode the videos and also appear to allow me to access it remotely and download it to my PC in the UK.

Sorry if the above is a bit of a brain dump but there seem to be so many options that I found the more I looked; the more confused I became.

I would therefore be grateful for any advice.

To summarize my requirements would be:

(1) Normal PVR access in Florida for two TVs. No premium content.
(2) Remote access from the UK of the content and the ability to "save/capture" the episodes in the UK.

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