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Nov 19, 2006
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Hello everyone, I'm a new member at HTF but have been lurking for a while and I also read AVS a lot. I use my system for 90% movies, 10% music (lack of time for more), but when I listen to music I'm looking for top quality sound.

I currently have a setup consisting entirely of Boston Acoustics CR series speakers. These were purchased around 1998, so they are the original CR line that gets high praise and I also enjoy the sound quality but am ready for an upgrade. On occasion, I feel that the system is a tad bright but I'm not sure how much of that is caused by the speakers vs. receiver vs. lack of room treatment. I have been a Boston Acoustics fan for many years, using their equipment both in my house and also the car. I don't have the extra cash laying around to buy an entire system, so I'm looking at an upgrade path to purchase one piece at a time to achieve best results whether they come with Boston Acoustics or another brand. I am willing to wait and purchase one piece at a time to end up with the system that I want in the end. Here is my current equipment:

AVR: ............ Yamaha RX-V995 (DD/DTS, 5x100w)
Front R/L: ...... CR8
Center .......... CR2
Surround R/L: ... CR7
Subwoofer: ...... PV700
TV: ............. Hitachi 57F59a

Should I stick with Boston Acoustics knowing that I like their sound overall, even though it's a tad bright at times? Or try something different like Ascend, Axiom, Onyx, or Paradigm? I don't want to feel like there may be something out there that's better, that I'm missing out on due to ignorance of a better product.

If I stick with Boston, my system would most likely be replaced in this order: VR12 center (used), an SVS cylinder subwoofer, VR3 mains, and then Bravo or VRX surrounds. More than likely I would continue using the RX-V995 receiver until all speakers have been replaced, then as a pre-amp while purchasing separate amplifier(s), then upgrade the receiver to a dedicated pre/pro in the end with some newer features.

What do you recommend, and do you agree with the upgrade path or recommend a different route? Thanks for the advice!

Tom Donaghue

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 18, 2005
While the older CR line may be slightly forward/bright, your room acoustics will likely play more into this than the speakers themselves. Having said that, I'm also a fan of BA and I'm currently using a system almost identical to the one you noted you may be shooting for. I can't say I find the VR3/VR12 front soundstage to be bright at all. I would consider them detailed, but not bright by any means. I also had a pair of Bravos as surrounds at one point (selling them right now in the 'Hardware For Sale' section) and the combination of VR3s, VR12 and Bravos made a seamless transition from front to back.

If you're happy with the sound of BA, I would strongly suggest demo'ing some VR2s/VR3s in your listening environment and will likely won't find them bright if set up properly. If you're interested in the Bravos I've got, just shoot me a PM... -TD

Jeff O.

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 12, 1999
I am also a big fan of BA. I was running a set of CRs (7's and 6's) in my bedroom setup. With the recent great deals on the VR60s, I upgraded my fronts and center and found it to be a big improvement. I think audioadvisor still has some great deals on these speakers.

For the sub I am using an SVS cylinder. It sounds great for music and movies and blends well with the Bostons. You can't go wrong with the SVS.

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