Harman Kardon Avr 65 great condition!

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    I hate to part with this thing but I been hitting up garage sales lately and I got an old tube amp that I gotta give some respect so here goes. Email to [email protected]

    I got this from a friend who bought it from some place of buisness in good condition (he experienced no problems nor did I)in 2003 to use as a test in his system because he was afraid his other one was giving him problems, turns out it was just his setup. However he liked it so much he used it over his for a long time!

    It is In great condition bought about a year ago (spring of 2004). One of the finest sounding receivers I have heard before the sound is clear and smooth. I got it and put it on the stand, dust it occasionally and use it often. Cosmetics are in excellent condition looks new like when I got it.

    Looking for $180 sense that is what it is selling on ebay for and usually of ebay stuff is worth much more in the real un-ebay world. Regardless the price is negoitable. Money orders, checks and cash money well hidden are accepted. Shipping will be around $20-30 (exact quote I will get for you if needed) Now for the meat of this here machine:
    (reviews and specs)

    Reviewed by: Barney Rubble, AudioPhile, from Bedrock
    Price Paid: $700 at Amazon
    Product Model Year:
    This is as very good receiver that got some negative reviews due to reliability very early in the release of the unit. As far as I can tell, the reliability was a quality control issue with the first batch of units. Mine has never had a problem, does not make noise and is of very solid build.
    The sound is very good, above the crowd of mass market components, and is very solidly in the mid-fi market, above the likes of kenwood, sony, onkyo, yamaha, and below names like NAD, Rotel, etc.
    Actually, for the price you can get them now, it is an excellent receiver. I guess that fact that it's underrated can be your benefit if you buy it used.
    mentioned above
    Not on par with names like NAD, Adcom, Rotel.

    The Harman AVR 65 Audio/Video Surround Sound Receiver utilizes the Crystal Circuit for the most advanced digital signal processing, including Dolby Digital and DTS. The AVR 65 provides a combination of power, performance and control unmatched by any other brand. It provides high current capability (+/- 35 amps) and ultrawide-bandwidth (8Hz - 80kHz) amplifier design for maximum performance from digital and analog sources. The AVR65 provides a combination of power, performance, and control unmatched by any other brand.

    Basic Information

    Description: AVR330 Receiver (55 W/Channel, 7.1 Channels)
    Manufacturer: Harman Kardon

    Detailed Specifications
    Remote Control: Basic Remote
    Audio Line Inputs: 2
    Audio Line Outputs: 2
    Interface Type: Audio - Digital Coaxial, Audio - Digital Optical, Video - Component, Video - Composite (RCA), Video - S-Video
    Number of Digital Coaxial Inputs: 2
    Number of Digital Coaxial Outputs: 1
    Number of Optical Digital Input: 2
    Number of Optical Digital Outputs: 1
    Number of Video Inputs: 4
    Number of Video Outputs: 1
    On-Board Decoder: Dolby Digital 5.1-channel, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS
    Supported Channels: 7.1 Speakers
    Watts Center: 55 W
    Watts Per Channel (Main): 55 W
    Watts Per Channel (Rear): 55 W
    Height: 6.6 in
    Width: 17.3 in
    Depth: 15 in
    Weight: 30.6 lbs
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    bump this bad mofo

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