good sound, small pkg?

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by wade_g, Jul 14, 2004.

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    Putting together my first HT room--very basic...first-timer stuff. Would probably go with JBL Northridge, based on research so far, but the spouse that won't put up with a room full of speakers. (She thinks it should be no more imposing than B*[email protected] mini-cubes.) Arg![​IMG]

    Would appreciate advice on "subtle" speaker setup (5.1). Room is 12x15x9 with sofa and 50" LCD projection TV on opposite short walls. Will make do for now with Sony STR-DE835 receiver. In-wall is not an option at front due to door/window. Thinking I will stand-mount fronts and wall-mount rears. Cost is less an issue than appearance, but don't want to make an expensive mistake on my first go-round.

    Have looked at:
    Paradigm Cinema Series
    Infinity Primus
    Infinity Modulus
    B*[email protected] (won't be going there)
    Multitude of HTIBs

    Will audition the Paradigms today. Leaning toward JBL E250 for my sub. Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

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    The Paradigm Cinema Series are really good for small speakers. They will outperform pretty much ANY HTiB system. I used to have the Cinemas and they would do great in your room. My living room was a bit to big for them though.

    I recently set my Dad's system up with all Infinity Primus 150's and those sound pretty darn good too. They are bigger than the Cinemas for sure!

    You should also look at the following:
    Paradigm Atoms -fronts and surrounds
    Paradigm CC-170 -center
    Paradigm PDR-10 -sub.

    This would also be a VERY good starter system and would fill your space easily with great HT sound.

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