Good reciever for College and Home?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Justin_D, Feb 4, 2005.

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    I'm a bit conflicted right now. I'm using an Onkyo TX-SR501 and it has served me well, but I'm getting the upgrade bug a bit. Now, I'm a senior in high school right now, and am going to college in August (University of Michigan, Go Wolverines!). I would like to buy something rather portable. At home, it will be driving a full 5.1 surround sound (don't really care about 6.1 or 7.1 right now). All Polk speakers (I love their tweaters and the rather laid back sound). At college, I will be driving 2 speakers (Polk RTi6 ) which are able to bi-wire/bi-amp, but I have yet to take advantage of this. Thus, I would like a powerful reciever, but light and easier to move. This , of course, has led me to look at the Panasonic XRx0 series. I actually almost ended up buying the XR70, but just didn't want to spend $400 just YET. I'm also looking at the Pioneer 1014 and the (upcoming) 1015tx. I've also got an eye on the JVC digital recievers that are coming. I would like some suggestions at what would be the best route to go.

    Good power
    Component switching (at least 2 in, prefer 3)
    4 digital-ins or more (at least 3 optical)

    Not too bad, huh? Here are some things that I like that many other recievers have:

    The Panny XR70 can bi-amp my fronts
    The JVC can swtich HDMI (not sure if I want to spend THAT much though)
    I would really like to have full 5.1 pre-outs
    A well laid out (universal) remote
    Auto-calibration with multiple configs (1014)

    Also, I like how digital amps are small and put off less heat, but I'm willing to compromise (for example, the 1014) if it just is better. Do I seem to be on the right track? I've also seen the Denon 2105, but still doing research. I would really like some suggestions. I've got no less than 4 recievers in mind, and am not really sure how to limit them down.
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    Panasonic XR line or the HK line up to the 635. Great value for your dollar.

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