Good guide for Advanced TV Calibration?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Johnny_M, May 7, 2004.

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    i mentioned this in another post but didnt get much of a response..

    I have digital video essentials, but unless ive missed it, it doesnt cover much about geometry and how to go about adjusting it properly. is there a good guide somewhere that covers what each control in the geometry section actually does? If i knew what each control did it sure would be easier. For example, vertical linearity, lower linearity, i can move them around by trial and error and get a decent image, but it would be nice to know if theres a way to start, for example, should i start with everything at 0, then move certain properties before others...

    any guide out there would be great if someone knows of one. i've been searching around but cannot find much.

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    The service manual for your display should describe what each function does on the display and how the menu system works. With some displays you only need to setup one mode and the others are correct based off of that mode - usually the full mode.

    When adjusting geometry always have the proper pattern on the screen. The circles in DVE are suppose to be perfectly round, measuring these will help you set size and linearity.

    Once you receive a service manual everything should become pretty clear.


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