Gone for 4 days, what did I miss?

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Jay H, Jun 18, 2003.

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    Besides the rain.. it seems I have had the most impressive luck ever known to mankind. My friend and I have managed to pick the most spectacular 4 days of weather in a sea of crap. I leave NJ to head up to the Adirondacks to do the Great Range Traverse in a 4 day backpack journey and it's raining saturday morning on and off throughout the day, I leave the 'daks on Tuesday and it rained here in NJ last night. But between Sunday-Tuesday the weather was amazing, perfect visibility, no clouds, warm, and perfect. I cannot believe it. Wow...

    Trip was great, took about 130 digipics in 4 days, 2 panoramic shots from the summits of Gothics and Mt. Marcy (highest peak in NY) should come out pretty good when I process them tonight. Even the black flies and bugs seem to be on vacation Sunday. The bugs did arrive and make a bad appearence on monday-tuesday but I had my bugnet with me.

    Had rain gear, never used it.

    Funny thing, even though I was carrying the 2-person tent, the stove and fuel, the water filter, a thermarest, my backpack was still lighter than my friends. It is most certainly true that you will pack your backpack as much as it will allow you to, but with the right equipment and season, you can still go out 5-7 days in the woods with only a 4000ci pack.

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    Given a databasing problem that led to some posts being lost, I would be pretty confident in saying you haven't missed a single thing. [​IMG]

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