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FS: Zenith Pro-880 projector and Def. Tech BP-10 spks. Austin Area (1 Viewer)

Greg Risley

Second Unit
Sep 21, 1998
I have a Zenith Pro-880 projector in great shape with all manuals, remotes, and box. This is one of the best video grade projectors made. Very low hours and no burn in. It has anamorphic capability which really improves the picture on enhanced disc. It includes a ceiling mount which can be used flush mount or by pole.
You can not get a better projector for $500.
1 pair of Def. Tech BP-10 speakers in very good shape. Speakers look and sound great. They have mainly been used for rear surround, in a dedicated room. No boxes or manuals, but I am the original owner. New these were $1100, asking $550.
1 pair of Krix Lyrix speakers. Beautiful Australian speakers that are great for audio or home theater. These are in mint shape. No boxes or manuals, I am the original owner. Purchased new from Moondance Audio the US importer of the beauties. New these would set you back $1500 retail, I'm asking $600.
I would prefer local sale on all items.
I can e-mail pictures to you if interested.
Please contact me at the e-mail below.
[email protected]
Pics of all these items are available at this link. This is my old theater room. Hopefully new pics soon. http://www.hometheaterforum.com/bbs/...ent/28638.html
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